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At Flawless Lashes we provide wholesale beauty salon supplies that you will require at your business. That’s why, you can now buy in bulk and make your clients happy at a favorable price.

We have answered your wishes and here at Flawless Lashes by Loreta, we will now offer a selection of our bestselling products, including Foam Cleanser, Lash Wizard Serum, Intensive Eye Mascara, and more, in bulk sizes at discounted prices so you can share and sell with your clients. The more you spend, the more you will save!

Why buy beauty products wholesale?

By buying Flawless beauty supplies wholesale, you can add more revenue to you and your salon by making these products available for your clientele to purchase. Buying bulk at our discounted rates means you can add your own markup and offer Flawless beauty products as an add-on to any appropriate treatment.

It really is a win win for you and your clients, as you will be able to provide quality products to help maintain their favourite looks between appointments and you will also earn yourself a profit.

Not to mention, the more you purchase with us, the more of a saving you will receive! You can gain up to 50% OFF high end Flawless products, such as our Duo Brow, Eyeliner and Brow Sculpt.

What beauty products do we offer?

Lash Wizard Serum - Are you forever wishing for longer, stronger lashes? Our Lash Wizard Eyelash Serum is pure magic! It encourages lashes to grow thicker and stronger, nourishes and improves the overall health of lashes, as well promoting the formation of keratin to condition natural lash hairs.

Eyeliner - Flawless Eyeliner is a great base tool for anyone who loves an intense and glamorous eye contour. This eyeliner comes in black, brown, purple or green. Flawless Eyeliner can be easily applied with the handy pen style applicator and precise fibre- tip!

Duo Brow - Duo Brow provides two shades to fill in brows with powder, creating a soft ombre look with a matte finish. The soft sponge applicator is specially designed to be used on any brow shape and the colour stays all day.

Brow Sculpt - Brilliant hold and beautiful brow sculpture, possible with Flawless Brow Sculpt. No crispy or hardened hairs in sight! Quick to apply, create the appearance of fuller brow shapes with our brow gel, for everyday brow styling use. Suitable for both treated and untreated brows. The perfect product for in-between treatment maintenance on laminated brows.

Foam Cleanser - Our Flawless foam cleanser (Lash & Brow Spa) is the perfect aftercare product for eyelash extension treatments. The Lash & Brow Spa is oil free and specially formulated with eyelash extensions in mind. The Lash Cleanser sanitises the eye area, prolongs the longevity of the lash extensions and refreshes the eye area

Intensive Eye Mascara - Give glorious volume to lashes with the Intensive Eye Mascara and its distinctive tapered brush head. The conical design aids separation of lashes, giving a defined lash-lift effect finish, as well as providing precision application for inner lashes.

Why to choose Flawless Lashes as a wholesaler?

Flawless Lashes by Loreta offers quality lash supplies online, so you can shop at your leisure and have your brand new beauty products shipped right to your door.

We are a quality-driven multi-award winning beauty company and guarantee that if you choose Flawless as your professional beauty supply wholesaler you will be able to bring high end offering to your clientele. We pride ourselves on our customer service so you can trust that you will be shopping from a reputable wholesaler who is always on hand to provide support with any concerns.