Strip Lashes

Our Strip Lashes are some of the finest false lashes that are available on the market. Did you know they were recently seen live on X Factor, being worn by artists such as Cardi B?


Carefully made to be lightweight and soft to the touch, they are lashes created for any occasion. Our range of strip eyelashes come in a variety of different styles and lengths, ensuring that you find the right fit just for you. Explore our range below:

Strip Lashes - Our Range

Party Babe Collection: This is made for ladies who like a longer, more dramatic looking lash. We created our party babe collection for women wanting extra volume, ensuring that they stand out from the crowd. Collection numbers: 502, 506, 507, 513, 514


Midnight Dance Collection: These are our slightly more subtle yet glamorous set of strip lashes. These styles are made for women wanting that stylish and more fabulous look. Collection numbers: 508, 510, 018, 019, 041


Baby Doll Collection: This collection is typically made up of shorter strip lashes with added density, enabling the lashes to look fuller. Collection numbers: 501, 516, 009, 012, 014.


How long do our Strip Lashes last?

Although they will look their best the first time round, our strip eyelashes have been designed to withstand up to 15 uses, assuming that they are cared for properly. Follow the given instructions carefully to ensure that you get maximum use from your lashes.


The Difference Between Strip Lashes and Extensions

Strip Lashes are false lashes, meaning that they are easily applied and removed without the need for an eyelash expert to be present.