Volume Eyelash Tweezers

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4 products

Ever since volume fans took the beauty world by storm, lash artists have been seeking the ultimate volume lash tweezers to achieve the perfect fanned look. Subtle adjustments to the design of these tweezers can make a huge difference to the level of precision, making the life of the lash artist much easier.

There are many things to consider when choosing the volume tweezers for lash extensions - from the angle, to the length, to the material they are made of. To make your decision easier, Flawless Lashes by Loreta offers an expert selection of volume lash tweezers that has been tried, tested and loved by lash techs all over. It pays to do your proper research and read the reviews, as once you find your perfect pair you will never want to let them go!

What are volume lash tweezers?

Volume lash tweezers are a beauty tool used by lash artists to create volume eyelash extension looks. They are cleverly designed to make it easier to create, open out, pick up and apply fans of very lightweight lashes to create a very full-looking finish. Volume tweezers are usually curved or angled at the tip and taper to point. The angle and shape may vary, though they are generally described as L-shaped.

Volume fan creation – picking up a number of individual lash extensions in one go ranging from 2-10D – is a very unique and difficult technique where the tools absolutely have to be up to the challenge.

What are the different types of volume tweezers?

  • Fan tweezers. While pre-made fans are available, most lash techs will make their own to suit the job in hand - dedicated fan tweezers make it all so much easier. They offer a secure grip and an easy bite, allowing precise closure with hardly any pressure.
  • 90-degree volume lash tweezers. These tweezers provide a very precise hold that many last artists find revolutionises the way they are able create volume and mega volume lash looks, dramatically cutting down the time it takes to do full sets.
  • 45-degree angle tweezers. A tweezer with a gentler curve, which some prefer when it comes to handling and applying fans.
  • Mega volume lash tweezers. Specially designed to be able to pick up the finest of lashes with utmost precision – even thicknesses of 0.03 and 0.05, allowing you to create mega volume fans of 6+ lashes that are still beautifully light.

What tweezers to use for volume eyelash extensions?

We advise that you think about the following when purchasing:

  • Reviews. Before you buy, you should consider the reputation of the retailer; read the customer product reviews and overall business reviews. Trustpilot is a reliable source of information as the reviews are genuine and cannot be faked – beware of brands that do not willingly share their Trustpilot reviews.
  • Shape. The shape of the lash tweezers you find easiest to use really comes down to a matter of personal preference; the way you were taught and your technique of choice. That’s why it’s always a good idea to choose beauty tools that come with a satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return or exchange those that do not suit you personally. Flawless Lashes by Loreta understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to essential tools such as these, and will go the extra mile to find what’s perfectly right for you and your preferences.
  • Material. You must also make sure the tweezers are made from stainless steel or another material that can be hygienically sterilised between clients.
  • Design. Once you’ve got them, check that they feel ergonomically designed – not too heavy, and precisely aligned with a secure grip that requires very little pressure to keep closed. Get used to where the pressure point is and make sure it feels right for you. This way you can be sure you won’t incur any strain on your fingers, hand or wrist over time.
  • Use. Test them out with your preferred technique be it pinching, rolling or one of many others. Try making both wide and narrow fans, picking up pre-made fans and different lash thicknesses. Trust us when we say, when you find your perfect pair of tweezers – you’ll just know!