Pre Made Fan Lashes


Bigger. Lighter. Kinder to the planet. Watch Demo Video Below.

400 fans per tray. Heat pre-bonded not glue bonded, and not a plastic tray in sight.

We are elated to launch our Flawless Lashes premade fan lashes collection.

Do you love mega volume lashes? Do your clients love mega volume lashes? But both clients and the most skilled lash artists can struggle with the amount of time required to create such lash artistry. It demands an immense amount of skill and experience.

We know that lash technicians can create 2-5D fans with their eyes closed, which is why our 6D+ premade fan lashes collection will save you time, delight your clients and boost your revenues - because more time means more appointments.

We have diligently crafted the best premade fans for you, so that you can create the best lash designs for your clients. Choose from six to ten lashes per fan(!), in an array of lengths and curls.

Our rigorously tested handmade mega volume premade fans look amazing, but most importantly, protect the lash health of your clients as they have thinner bases without adding strenuous weight to natural lashes.

And when we say light, we mean LIGHT! If you were to make a 4D fan with 0.07 lashes, they would weigh 0.136mg. By comparison, our 8D fans weigh 0.136mg!

Clients want amazing service, delivered fast. And we figure, why spend four hours painstakingly making perfectly symmetrical fans, when we can do that for you?

Flawless fans in minutes, not hours – with our premade fan lashes.

The best was worth waiting for.

Key Info
  • Adhesive advice when working with these lashes: use a slower-drying adhesive or pick up more glue
  • 400 fans per tray
  • Single length per tray 
  • Heat pre-bonded, not glue bonded for lighter lashes
  • 0.05 thickness
  • Safety first: Rigorously tested so as not to exceed healthy weight
  • pointy base on fans achieved using the latest technology, to ensure handmade fans made with perfect symmetry between every single one
  • No compromise on materials used. When the label says 0.05, the lash used is 0.05

Comparison between regular fans and our premade fans:

  • 10D 0.05 is slightly lighter than 5D 0.07
  • 8D 0.05 is slightly lighter than 4D 0.07
  • 6D 0.05 is slightly lighter than 3D 0.07