Silicone Lash Palette

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Flawless New Silicone Lash Palette is perfect solution for keeping your lash tile clean. 

Often times when you go to remove your lash extensions from the tile you can be left with residue which isn't the most ideal thing for hygiene That's why we have launched our new Silicone Lash Palette. The awesome thing about this is that you can apply these to your existing acrylic lash tiles and easily reattach strips of lashes with absolute ease . Easy to clean too. 

How to use:

First remove bottom part of of plastic cover, attach silicone lash palette on lash tile or palette. Then remove top part of plastic cover. Keep top part of plastic cover. When you finish work, remove lash strips from silicone lash palette and place them back to lash tray or better to dispose, due to hygiene. Place top plastic cover on silicone lash palette after cleaning it.

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