Best lash extension trays in 2024

These days there are so many different types of lash trays available that it can be difficult to know which to choose, especially if you're just starting out and don’t yet have a go-to eyelash extension supplier. So we’re here to make it easy with our guide to the best lash extensions trays in 2024.

After all, the last thing you want to do is have to work your way through a number of different lash extension brands only to be disappointed by the quality. Not only is it a waste of your money, but inferior quality lash trays can also lead to poor retention and hence unhappy clients. Ultimately they can jeopardise your reputation as a lash artist.

From classic to volume, and curls of every kind, we’ll run you through the must-buy lash trays for every lash technician.

Classic Lash Trays

Classic lashes are a lash artist’s bread and butter so it’s important to find great quality extensions you can rely on. Available in thicknesses of 0.10, 0.12, and 0.15, we recommend starting with trays of black 0.12 lash extensions as it’s the perfect versatile thickness that suits most people, letting you create natural-looking yet glamorous looks. Available in popular C, CC and D curls, a mixed length tray lets you tailor your looks perfectly to each individual eye.

Female eye with classic lashes

Also consider some 0.15 flat lash extensions. The shape of the lash in cross-section is more rectangular or oval than circular, meaning they are lighter and have a wider surface area to adhere to the natural lash, enabling enhanced retention. They can also emphasize the lash line for an eyeliner effect - what’s not to love?

Flawless flat lashes are superior to many you’ll find on the market - rather than looking overly glossy, plasticky and bulky, they’re just as soft and matte black as our best-selling volume lashes and a joy to work with.

Volume Lash Trays

As any lash artist knows, volume lash extensions are a whole different ball game that require another level of precision and technical skill. When you’re forming fans from individual lashes, then applying them with a pair of tweezers in each hand, it’s essential that your lash fibres don’t let you down.

At Flawless you’ll find all the most popular curls and lengths, with thicknesses ranging from 0.03 up to 0.07 so you can create the looks your clients will love. Our customers say: “Best lashes I’ve ever used! Easy to pick up for Volume, soft and also don’t bend out of shape!” - and who are we to argue?

Lash trays

We recommend having both some regular Russian volume thicknesses such as 0.07 Mixed Length Volume Lashes in your armory, as well as thinner thicknesses such as 0.05 Mixed Length Mega Volume Lashes and then you are all set should you need to make volume fans of up to 8D. For bigger mega volume fans, stock up on some lighter weights.

Our volume lashes are available in curls ranging from B to D+ depending on the style. A C or a CC curl is likely to get the most use, though you’ll of course want to choose the curl that best suits each individual client.

L Curl Lash Trays

L curl lashes have become incredibly popular in recent years for their fabulous eye-opening effect - and they’re ideal for creating that cat-eye flick too. Make sure you can keep up with demand with some Flawless Lashes trays of L Curl lashes. As with more traditional curls, the L curl can come in any thickness.

At Flawless you’ll find versatile 0.07 L curl lash trays in mixed and single lengths, as well as 0.05 L curl lash trays for mega volume looks. For a really gorgeous curl, try our L+ lash trays, which are akin to LC lashes. And fabulous lashes don’t always have to be black - for clients seeking a more natural look, dark brown L curl lash trays can create truly beautiful styles.

Pre-made Fan Lash Trays

If you prefer to use pre-made fans for volume lashes, Flawless also offer a great choice of pre-made lash fan trays. Choose from 3D, 4D6D, 8D and 10D lash fans to create the level of fullness your clients desire - in super quick time!

Our premade lash fans are heat bonded, not glue bonded, meaning there’s no excess weight to burden your client’s lashes, to help protect them from damage.

Tips on choosing lash trays

So you have a good idea of what the best lash trays to buy are as a lash technician. But how do you identify the most reputable supplier? Here are a few specifics to look for to help you find the best lash tray brands.

  • Cruelty-free. Check the lashes are vegan - some lashes are made from animal fur. All Flawless Lashes lash trays are made from 100% synthetic PBT fibre. NB ‘Mink’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are made from mink the animal, so be sure to read the details.
  • A safe weight. Check the weights the retailer offers. A reputable lash extension supplier won’t offer thicknesses above 0.15 as these are too heavy for most people’s natural lashes and can cause damage.
  • Well-made lashes. Good-quality lashes are easy to pull off the strip, easy to grip, and don’t bend out of shape when you're working with them.
  • Well-designed trays. The best lash trays will have the length in mm next to each row of lashes, and underneath each strip as well. This avoids potential confusion when you have multiple lash strips on your lash tile, and keeps things nice and clear if you are left with any part-strips of lashes.
  • Good reviews. If you’re unsure about any supplier, read their Trustpilot reviews. Flawless are proud to be rated 5 stars / Excellent on Trustpilot. Remember, customer service is very important too - you want to choose a brand that will be happy to help you should you run into any difficulties.
  • Expert advice. It’s quite easy these days to set up a web store and sell products, but check out the quality of a company’s blog articles and social media posts. Their level of knowledge will soon let you know whether they’re experts in their field.

Tip! Make sure your tweezers are up to the job. If Flawless lash trays aren’t working for you it could be your tweezers that are letting you down, so make sure you’re using the best eyelash tweezers.

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