0.15 Flat Classic Lash Extensions

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Our 0.15 flat classic lash extensions offer excellent retention thanks to their wider, flatter shape at the base. The larger surface area makes for easy and effective bonding to the natural lash using only the smallest amount of glue. They’re soft and beautifully light as they’re actually a 0.10 that has been compressed at the base to create the additional width, making them perfect for clients with short / fine lashes.

Key info


Classic flat lashes


Matt black


100% Synthetic PBT Fibre


0.15 at base, 0.10 on the lash length

Curls available

C, CC, D

Pack type

Single lengths

Lengths available



Benefits of our flat lashes

Also known as cashmere flat or ellipse lashes, the wider base of flat lashes means they define the lash line like no other lash, adding some gorgeous drama! Unlike many flat eyelash extensions on the market, ours do not have that plastic / shiny look to them, which means you can use them for a full set without them looking artificial. Alternatively, you can mix them with regular lashes to create a natural looking, fuller texture without extra weight.

How to use

  • Use a minimal amount of adhesive
  • Uniquely shaped so they can be applied on top, below or on the side of the natural lash
  • Use for a full set of lashes or use a few to enhance regular lashes


Latex free. Cruelty free. Vegan.

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