Can You Do Eyelash Extensions On Yourself?

Customers and aspiring lash artists who are just beginning their careers in the industry frequently ask the same question: "Can you do eyelash extensions on yourself?" This is because both groups are in the process of gaining knowledge and experience in the sector. It is common for people to underestimate how complex the process of lashing is.

They frequently believe that it is a simple procedure that only requires the use of tweezers, lashes, and glue. However, the truth is that lash extensions require a great deal more than just the tools that are listed here. Real professionals and experienced lash artists are aware of the complex nature of this art form, which requires a steady hand, a sharp eye, and appropriate training in order to produce beautiful and risk-free results.

In recent years, there has been a meteoric rise in the number of people enrolling in "lash yourself" courses. These are classes that teach people how to apply semi-permanent lashes on their own without the assistance of a professional.

Before proceeding with applying lash extensions independently, it is crucial to thoroughly explore several essential factors. It is imperative to possess knowledge about the anatomy of the eye and lash hair, including understanding the delicate structure and growth cycle of natural lashes. Familiarity with the chemicals involved in lash products is also paramount to ensure safe application and minimise any potential risks or sensitivities.

Additionally, understanding the weight and length of extensions that your natural lashes can handle is crucial to prevent damage and maintain lash health. These are just a few examples of the many considerations that should be taken into account when contemplating self-application of lash extensions.

Why is it bad to do lash extensions on yourself?

It's important to understand the potential drawbacks and challenges that come along with the journey of applying lash extensions on yourself before you start it, even though it may seem appealing.

There are several reasons why it is not advisable to do lash extensions on yourself. Here are some key points to consider:

Requires expertise and training

Lash artists know how to isolate and attach individual lashes. Without this knowledge and experience, achieving the desired results and protecting your eyes is difficult.

Additionally, lash artists undergo extensive training to ensure they have the necessary skills to handle different types of lashes and adhere to proper application techniques. Their expertise allows them to create beautiful lash extensions that enhance your natural beauty while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes.

By trusting a trained lash artist, you can have peace of mind knowing that they have the expertise to address any concerns or questions you may have about the lash extension process. Their knowledge and training contribute to a safe and satisfying experience, leaving you with stunning lashes that boost your confidence.

Irritation from glue fumes

When doing lash extensions on yourself, one eye needs to remain open to see where to place the lash extensions on the other eye. This exposes your open eye to the eyelash glue fumes, which can cause irritation and discomfort.

Lash artists use high-quality adhesive products specifically designed for lash extensions, reducing the risk of adverse reactions. They have the knowledge to choose the right adhesive based on your unique needs and sensitivities, further mitigating the chances of any discomfort or irritation during the lash extension application process. You can enjoy the benefits of beautifully enhanced lashes without the worry of potential fume-related issues, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Proper lash separation

Separating each lash during application prevents "stickies" (lashes sticking together). Sharp tweezers are needed to carefully isolate each natural lash. Without professional training and experience, this level of separation is difficult.

Using sharp tweezers, they delicately separate your natural lashes, preventing any adhesive from bonding neighboring lashes. This meticulous process requires precision and a trained eye to avoid any potential damage or discomfort.

Attempting to do lash extensions on yourself without the necessary expertise can lead to lash clumping, uneven distribution, or even accidentally sticking lashes together. By trusting a professional lash artist, you can enjoy beautifully separated lashes that enhance your natural beauty.

Bright lighting and eye strain

Lashing requires good lighting. Self-application with bright lamps can cause eye strain and headaches.

Bright lighting is crucial during lash application to ensure accuracy and precision. However, when attempting to do lash extensions on yourself, using excessively bright lamps can lead to eye strain and discomfort.

Extended exposure to intense light can cause headaches and make it challenging to focus on the intricate details of lash placement. Professional lash artists are trained to work under optimal lighting conditions, providing a comfortable environment for both the artist and the client.

Uncomfortable posture and shoulder strain

Holding your hands up for a long time while applying lash extensions is uncomfortable. This can cause shoulder strain, pain, and damage.

The repetitive motion and prolonged periods of elevated arm positioning can put unnecessary stress on your shoulder muscles and joints, potentially leading to pain and discomfort.

By seeking the services of a professional lash artist, you can avoid the physical strain associated with self-application. Their expertise allows you to relax and enjoy the process without the risk of shoulder discomfort or potential damage.

Considering these factors, it is recommended to seek the services of a trained and experienced lash artist to ensure safe and optimal results while avoiding potential risks and discomfort associated with self-application.

So, should you do eyelash extensions on yourself?

It is just as inappropriate doing your own lashes. Why don’t you just simply refer to a specialist and seek a professional application? Maybe you could make a deal with a fellow artist to do each other’s lashes for free or swap treatments?

You are not only risking the health of your lashes from the hazard of pulling them. You can also suffer from chemical burns and affect your sight, but you are also risking physical damage to your eyes. Always take all these points into consideration before trying to extend your own lashes.

Better apply strip lashes and be safe and gorgeous;)

We Care About You

At Flawless Lashes, we place a high priority on both your health and your complete satisfaction. When it comes to applying lash extensions, we genuinely care about you and want to make sure that you have the most positive experience that is humanly possible.

We completely understand the desire to give them a try yourself, but we strongly recommend that you give serious consideration to getting a new set of lashes applied by trained professionals. Because of their level of skill, precision, and familiarity with the appropriate procedures, they can ensure both beautiful and secure outcomes.

In addition, we are here to support you by providing a variety of high-quality products that complement your lash extensions. Our products will ensure that the results you achieve are both stunning and long-lasting. Explore our variety of complementary products that have been developed to make your journey with lashes more enjoyable and to provide the highest level of care for your lashes. Your complete contentment as well as the well-being of your lashes is of the utmost significance to us.

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