Lash aftercare instructions

Lash aftercare is important for both your client and your professional reputation. You should make sure to communicate the importance of eyelash extension aftercare to your client so they can enjoy fabulous lashes for longer.

Some of your clients may already be familiar with the steps you need to take after an eyelash extension treatment, whereas others may just be at the start of their eyelash extension journey. This is why it’s important to share the best hygiene advice with your clients and top tips on how to maintain their lashes

After all, if they look after them, they last longer - and they’ll be extra happy with the treatment you have given them, so they keep coming back! Extensions are an investment, so the longer they last, the better the treatment. Our handy guide has all the info you could need - so simply ask them to follow these instructions.

Lash aftercare instructions

Flawless Tip: Do you want to know more about lash extension aftercare?

Our LASH AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS will equip you with all necessary steps you need to take after an eyelash extension treatment.

10 Aftercare tips for lash extensions

These simple lash aftercare tips will help your client make the most of their eyelash extensions; allowing them to maintain their beautiful look for longer - and keep their natural lashes healthy too.

Many lash artists like to prepare an aftercare card or even a kit to hand out, so their clients can easily remember the steps they need to take after the eyelash extension treatment. If not, just run them through these main points:

  1. Avoid saunas, steam rooms and hot steamy showers. Advise that 24 hours after the eyelash extension treatment, your client should avoid saunas, steam rooms and hot steamy showers as this can affect the adhesive bond on the lash and risk poor lash retention. Unless of course your lash technician used our wonder product Instant Cure as part of the extensions treatment, in which case exposure to water is fine.
  2. Do not rub the eyes or pull extensions. This will damage, not only the eyelash extensions, but the natural lashes too! It will also lead to poor retention. 
  3. Avoid direct heat. Advise those clients who like to cook that it’s important to avoid direct heat, such as standing in front of a hot oven etc. Also for clients who smoke - advise them to be careful around lighters as the PBT fibre in eyelash extensions is extremely sensitive to heat.
  4. Avoid oil-based products. Your client should stay away from any oil-based products. We don’t only mean mascara, but oil-based face moisturiser, cleanser, and any other makeup near the eye area. Any oil-based product will affect the adhesive bond of the lashes, so make sure to keep it water-based for now. If your client can’t live without eyeliner (which we totally understand here) then recommend they use our Vegan Flawless Eyeliner which is 100% safe to use for eyelash extensions.
  5. Avoid mascara at all costs. If you have lash extensions, you must avoid mascara altogether (even water-based ones) as not only can it affect the shape of your beautiful fans, it can potentially damage your extensions, as well as your natural lashes due to the excess weight.
  6. Brush lashes daily. Brushing lash extensions keeps lashes neat, tidy and separated - avoiding that clumpy, unnatural look, and leaving them to look natural for longer. Our Silicone Mascara Brush is the perfect tool for the job.
  7. Sleep on your back. Eyelash extensions shouldn’t come into contact with anything - that includes your pillow! Sleeping on the side is okay, but if your clients want to preserve the beautiful curl of their lashes for longer they should try to train themselves to sleep on their back if they can, and definitely no sleeping on your front. 
  8. Clean lashes regularly. Make sure clients are cleaning their lashes regularly - at least twice daily, once when they wake up and once before they go to bed. Again, avoid any oil-based moisturisers or face wash. By staying on top of lash hygiene, your client is minimising the risk of infection and lash mites - ew! We recommend using our foam cleanser - also available in handy sachets.
  9. Don’t use eyelash curlers. This will affect the position of the lashes that you as a lash artist will have spent so much time perfecting. Curling and squeezing the lashes can also damage the lash extensions and even lift them off! So make sure your client is leaving them well alone; they're really not needed on extensions as they are already beautifully curled.
  10. Regular infills. Make sure to get regular infills every 2-3 weeks - this is a must if you want to keep your lashes looking gorgeous for longer, and in great condition.

Now you’re equipped with the best eyelash aftercare advice for your clients. Knowing your stuff not only helps your client in the long run but it makes them feel much more confident in your abilities and knowledge as a lash artist. So don’t be afraid to share your lash aftercare tips. After all, who doesn’t want gorgeous-looking lashes for longer? 

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  • Taylor Abrams

    I literally did not know that at least for the first 24 hours, weeping inhibits eyelash extension retention. So, you explained that for a little while, stay away from heartfelt rom-com and adorable animal memes. I needed to hear this today because I want to set up an eyelash extension appointment at a good salon this weekend before my trip!

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