How to clean your eyelash tweezers

Lash artists are always on the lookout for good tweezers. With a premium pair of tweezers, you can easily create a beautiful look, and it will also save you a lot of time. But even if you have high-quality eyelash tweezers, they need to be cleaned and looked after regularly.

You might think that you should just throw away your old ones and buy new ones every time they get too dirty. There are ways to get those old tweezers back into top shape again.

Flawless Lashes by Loreta wants to share some tips on how to clean eyelash tweezers without causing damage so that yours can shine bright like a diamond!

Why Is It Important To Sanitize Eyelash Tweezers?

To guarantee best service and maintain good hygiene to your lash extensions clients, you must use the best eyelash tweezers available on the market. But you want to make sure that they're sanitized before using them on your clients.

Here's why:

  1. Health concerns. You want your clients' eyelashes to be clean and bacteria-free to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. That way, you're not putting yourself or your client at risk of getting infections.
  2. Good for business. Sanitize your tweezers for the sake of your business. If you use dirty tweezers, then you may potentially transfer germs back and forth between each client. This can lead to the spread of infections among clients, which can pose a serious threat to the health of your business.
  3. Reputation. Sanitizing your eyelash tweezers is not only important for ensuring your clients' safety. It is critical to protect yourself from liability in the event that something goes wrong. Your name is your brand. Keep your reputation intact.

How To Clean Eyelash Tweezers

Professional lash artists must ensure all eyelash equipment is properly sterilized between clients. Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning your lash tweezers:

Step 1: Scrape off any remnants of glue that may be on the tweezers. Avoid using other metal tools to scrape lash glue residue from tweezers, as this could damage the precious tool!

Step 2: After using tweezers on the client, clean them thoroughly with soap and water from the running tap.

Step 3: Before soaking them in a jar of barbicide, place a small cotton pad in the bottom of the jar to protect the ends of the tweezers. Allow the barbicide to remain soaked for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Step 4: Take them out of the barbicide, rinse with water from the tap,  and allow them to dry.

Step 5: Either use an autoclave or a UV sanitizer to sterilize the tweezers.

Step 6: Now your eyelash tweezers are ready for other clients.

Tips For Good Tweezer Hygiene

Using single-use equipment, sterilizing the equipment between clients, or a combination of both helps prevent cross-infection. Lash artists must have several pairs of each type of eyelash tweezers: isolating, classic pick-up, and volume eyelash tweezers. For every client, you must use new or disinfected tweezers, following the Beauty Hygiene and Health & Safety Law.

If the tweezers have lash adhesive or glue residue, you must remove it before sterilizing them. Most lash technicians damage their tweezers by trying to remove the glue with different tweezers.

There is a simple trick to remove it without damaging the tweezers.

  1. Put tweezers in the bowl.
  2. Bring water to a boil and pour it over the tweezers.
  3. Keep the tweezers in boiling water for 1–2 minutes.
  4. Take them out of the bowl.
  5. Then, use two sponges or lip applicators to take them off by pressing firmly on the glue-covered part of the tweezers.
  6. After the glue residue is removed, all the steps on how to clean eyelash tweezers mentioned above must be completed.

Your tweezers may be the most important tool in your kit, but they can also get pretty dirty. You'll need to keep them clean and sanitized, but that's not all!

Keeping things clean doesn't end with sanitizing. You'll want to keep your tweezers in a clean, airtight place. Using our tweezer stand with cover, you can store them and keep them from falling off the station or trolly. Our tweezers stand with a lid will keep your tweezers out of the dust. Avoid sharing lash tweezers; dispose of lash tweezers that are old or damaged. If you're unsure how to properly maintain your tweezers' hygiene, seek professional advice.

Tips For Taking Care of Your Eyelash Tweezers

Having high-quality equipment is the first step toward becoming a professional lash artist. Eyelash extension tweezers are among the most useful tools you can have. They should be treated like an investment and maintained regularly to ensure they last as long as possible. It is in your best interest to keep your tweezers in good condition.

  1. Dropping your favourite lash tweezers, especially volume lash tweezers or banging their tips on your lash tile is a surefire way to ruin your eye makeup application. If you do not take care of your eyelash extension tweezers, the delicate stainless-steel tips will ding and bend.
  2. Get yourself a good storage container for your eyelash tweezers. When not in use, they must be stored somewhere secure. There are many options for storing tweezers, but you should pick one that will not close too tightly and bend the tips.
  3. More than one set of tweezers is required. Having a spare set of sanitized tweezers on hand can smooth over a number of potential bumps in the road.

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