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NEW! Introducing our new and improved Tweezer Stand! Perfect for Lash Professionals, that understand the importance of taking care of Tweezers and the role they play in achieving.

Reasons we think you will love this upgrade:

  • Holds up to 8 pairs of tweezers
  • Protects your eyelash tweezers, as it has a cover
  • Increases hygiene as tweezers are not exposed when not in use
  • Looks super sleek, easy to transport & lightweight

In gorgeous glossy black acrylic, cover- clear black acrylic, our lash extension tweezer stand will ensure you look like the professional you are, keeping your most essential tools organised and conveniently to hand.

Once you’ve found your perfect set of tweezers, (we recommend having at least an Isolating Tweezer, Volume 90° and an Easy Fan Tweezer in your core tweezer kit) it’s essential you take good care of them - and there’s no better way than storing them than in this stylish tweezers stand.

Key info

Dimensions: W180 x D54 x H170 mm
Thickness: 54mm
Material: Durable acrylic
Colour: Black
Capacity: Holds up to 8 tweezers


Eyelash extension tweezers are a lash artist’s most important tool - and you may have had to try a few pairs before you’ve found the styles that work best for you! Because they are such precise and finely tuned instruments, the slightest bit of damage can stop them from gripping properly, causing you all kinds of problems. So the last thing you want to do is drop them!


  • Tweezers are not included
  • Not suitable for use near any UV (ultraviolet) sanitation units
  • Tweezers should not be returned to the stand during treatments - only put them back in the stand once you have completed the treatment and disinfected the tweezers.

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