How To Create: Kim K Lash Styling

Kim Kardashian has always been a public figure, greatly influencing the current eyelash trends. So when she started to appear at events with the lash look her name is so famous for, it became a fashion bomb in the lash industry almost instantly.

Who wouldn’t want to have the same lashes as Kim? Even though Kim’s stylist was using strip lashes when applying her makeup, the lash industry can adopt this styling with lash extensions.

There are many names for the Kim K-style lashes in the lash industry; like the spiky look, wispy look, rays and the Kylie effect. I prefer to call it the Kim effect as she was the inspiration for that particular look.

The distinctive feature of this lash styling is that, along the main lash set, longer lashes are added in between creating a ripped lash line and a messy effect. 

The truth is, creating Kim K lashes will take a little longer than the usual volume set and will require a greater level of skill to get it just right. With this in mind, it’s justified to charge a higher price for this styling within your lash services, don’t you think? 

Since pictures of Kim K’s eyelashes are so notable and always on trend, lots of your clients may have already been asking to have theirs styled just like her already! But can anyone get Kim Kardashian lashes? 

Which clients will benefit from Kim Kardashian eyelashes?

This style makes eyes look bigger, so clients with small eyes would love this effect! It will also look perfect on ladies with high set eyebrows

Asian eyes look amazing with this styling too (little hint - volume from 3-4d with wide spikes needed). This effect will nicely hide the crease on hooded eyes as well. So really, many of your clients would look fabulous rocking the Kim Kardashian false eyelashes effect! 

I would suggest avoiding using this style on clients with big eyes, bulbous eyes, downturned eyes and very asymmetric eyes.

How to get Kim Kardashian style eyelash extensions?

In order to avoid making mistakes in creating the Kim effect, here are the main tips for you on how to make the styling noticeable:

  1. Lash rays should always be longer than the main set (2-3mm longer to make it noticeable/readable).
  2. No more than 7-10 rays on each eye. (Putting more will give a ripped effect)
  3. Spikes have to be symmetrical on both eyes and be applied at the same distance from each other.
  4. No spikes in the very inner or outer corner. Make sure there is a 4-5mm distance from those areas.
  5. To make lash rays more noticeable, they should be thicker than the main set thickness
  6. The lash rays curl should never be softer than the main set curl.
  7. Fans for rays should be closed or just slightly opened.
  8. Rays have to be attached with the correct direction.
  9. Lash rays have to match in length to the styling effect. If you chose to do a 2mm difference in length, then make sure you follow your main lash map. Where the 10mm main set is, 12mm spikes are, where 8mm lashes are, spikes are 10mm.
  10. One lash ray can consist from 3-4 spikes attached to natural lashes.

Also, there is a popular misconception that Kim Kardashian styling can only be used with a dolly shape lash effect. Not at all! Experiment! I would love to see you all create unique looks for your clients. You will love the results!

Thank you to our Previous Trainer Luba

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