Red Eyes After Lash Extensions: Here’s how to prevent that

Red eyes occur for a number of reasons, causing temporary discomfort. Experiencing red eyes after eyelash extensions is a common concern among clients, whether it's due to a chemical burn or appearing bloodshot. However, rest assured, it's a typical occurrence, and there are simple yet effective ways to address and prevent it.

In this article, we'll discuss the reasons behind red eyes after eyelash extensions, offering insights into both treatment and prevention methods. With these helpful hints for red eyes after eyelash extensions, you can provide the best possible care for your client.

Why are my eyes red after lash extensions?

Experiencing red eyes after lash extensions is a common concern and can be attributed to various factors during the application process. For both clients and lash technicians to have a comfortable and satisfying experience, they need to know about these possible causes.

  • Patches were placed too high. It can cause bloodshot eyes due to potential pressure on the eye or interference with the eye's natural lubrication. Pads can scratch the eyeball.
  • Rubbing the eyes. It causes bloodshot eyes due to the increased pressure on the small blood vessels on the eye's surface.
  • Presence of gel in eye pads. The gel may contain substances that, when in contact with the eye, could lead to redness, inflammation, or an allergic reaction, resulting in bloodshot eyes.
  • Clients' eyes being slightly open during the eyelash extension treatment. Adhesive itself does not enter the eye; rather, it is the fumes emitted by adhesives that can potentially cause a chemical burn..
  • Inadequate hygiene practices by the lash technician. If lash technicians don't clean or disinfect their tools between clients, it can cause eye infection.
  • Inadequate aftercare on the client’s part. Insufficient aftercare can cause allergic blepharitis. This occurs when the skin around your eyes sheds more than usual, causing bloodshot eyes.
  • Eyes that are hypersensitive. Some clients are genetically more likely to be very sensitive to the chemicals or tools used for lash extensions.

How to care for red eyes after eyelash extensions

Now that you have knowledge regarding the potential causes of the redness of your eyes, let's discuss the aftercare methods to ensure safety and a proper healing process.

  • Stay hydrated: Get lots of rest and drink a lot of water to lessen dryness and possible irritation.
  • Drops: Over-the-counter eye drops are a great choice. They can help make your eyes less red, swollen, and itchy. But don't forget to talk to your doctor first if you have any health problems that eye drops could make worse.
  • Keep distance: Be extra careful not to use rough chemicals or products near your eyes, as this could make the skin even more irritated and red.
  • Antihistamine: An antihistamine can help with allergies that cause red eyes. Talk to your doctor about which antihistamine is good for you.
  • Cold compress: Putting a cold compress on your eyes can help reduce redness and swelling. Just put ice on a clean cloth, wrap it around a soft towel, and put it over your eyebrows for up to 15 minutes.
  • Tea bags: People have also said that tea bags can help make eyes less red. Put one tea bag into warm water and let it steep for two to three minutes. Then, take the bag out and put it over your eyes, or even just on your eyelids, for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Cucumber: Antioxidants in cucumbers can help calm redness, swelling, and irritation in the eyes. For 15 minutes, put a slice of cucumber over your eyes.

How to treat red eyes after eyelash extensions

We are not doctors, but some solutions on how to treat red eyes could be provided for you. Taking care of red eyes after getting eyelash extensions needs thoughtful consideration. Even though we're not doctors, we can give you some general advice.

If the redness lasts or gets worse, you should see a doctor or your lash technician right away for professional advice. It is important to seek medical help to rule out any possible underlying problems and make sure you are taking the right steps.

Our advice is to get medical help right away if you notice signs like chemical burns or severe irritation. The health of your eyes is very important, and you need to see a professional to get an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment.


What are bloodshot eyes?

Bloodshot eyes occur when small blood vessels on the eye's surface break, causing redness. It can result from irritation, allergies, or rubbing the eyes.

Will eyelash extension irritation go away?

If it's only caused by eye pads rubbing the eyeball, yes, it will go away soon. After eye pad gel irritation, it can take up to a week, and clients might need to seek medical advice on drops and other medicine if necessary. Same with chemical burns caused by lash glue fumes; doctors might need prescriptions for drops, but eventually red eyes will go away.

How do I know if my eyes are infected from eyelash extensions?

Signs of eye infection from eyelash extensions include redness, swelling, itching, or discharge. If you experience these, consult a healthcare professional promptly for appropriate treatment.

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