The Ultimate Guide To Russian Lashes

Are you looking for a way to give your fine lashes a bit more? If you’ve tried classic lash extensions and still not been pleased with the results, it may be time to look further afield…to the Eastern block and Russia. You may have already heard of Russian lashes. After all, they have become increasingly popular in the UK over the last few years.

Perhaps you’ve even considered them, but not been too sure about whether they’re right for you. Even if you’ve never really given them much thought, if you are looking to give your lashes a helping hand so that you really stand out, then you need to give the Russian look a try.

If you are still unsure and want to know more, check out our helpful guide to everything you need to know about Russian lashes.

What are Russian Lashes?

Russian lashes are achieved using a multi-lash layering technique that involves ultra-fine, synthetic lashes onto one single natural lash. The process is more intricate and detailed than standard extensions and precision is key to achieving the desired look of fuller lashes that have a higher impact, are much more glamorous and have more natural-looking volume.

You may have read about Russian lashes with the terms 2D, 3D or even 6D used to describe them. This corresponds to the number of synthetic lashes being used in a bouquet or fan and placed on to the real lash. Another curious thing that confuses a lot of women is the fact that Russian lashes are often referred to as silk or mink lashes, when the reality is, as stated earlier, they are synthetic. They just happen to be finer than normal lashes. Different curls and lengths can be used to give you the finished look you’re after.

How Do They Differ from What is Known as Classic Lashes?

Classic lashes are the name given to the technique where a single individual eyelash extension is adhered to an individual natural lash. When using the Russian layering technique though, the specialist lash technician applies more than just one extension fibre to each lash, fanning them out to give the illusion that more lashes are growing from just one spot.

The technician will use anything from two to ten lash extensions, based on the type of effect the client wants to achieve. The actual thickness of the lash extensions themselves also dictates how many lashes can be used in a fan or bouquet. The rule of thumb is that if the thinner or lighter the lash extension is, the more can be used in a single fan.

Who are Russian Lashes Most Suitable For?

People with incredibly fine eyelashes who want a look with more volume will benefit the most from Russian lashes. It should not stop anyone with naturally bushy and full lashes from having more volume added through this fantastic layering technique, if that’s what they desire.

Do You Need a Patch Test?

Yes, before you can have Russian lashes applied to your existing lashes you need to have a patch test carried out at least 48-hours before you have the treatment. This is to make sure that you do not suffer from an allergic reaction to the procedure.

How Long Does It Take to Apply Russian Lashes?

As previously noted, Russian volume lashes requires a lot of skill and dexterity to apply them correctly. It's also a process that cannot be rushed, due to how intricate they are.

Therefore, if you decide you would like to have Russian lashes, you need to be prepared for it to take longer than normal lash extensions. Applying Russian lashes could take from 1.5-hours for a complete set to 4-hours if you want more extravagant and dramatic look.

How Long do Russian Lashes Generally Last For?

Similarly to if you have traditional or classic lashes, it is highly recommended that you invest in regular infills every fortnight to make sure any lashes that fall are replaced. During these appointments, the lash technician can also check over the lashes and make sure they are healthy.

However, if advised by your lash technician, it may be that you will be able to leave it for as much as four weeks before you go for an infill appointment. The fact that they can last that long without being checked or replaced is a testament to their durability but is also one of the main reasons why they are generally more expensive.

How Much do Russian Lashes Cost?

The cost of having Russian lashes done will depend on the salon you choose to have your treatment carried out at. On average though, if you are having a full set of Russian layered eyelash extensions applied, it could cost you upwards of £80 and beyond. After that, top-up sessions are generally rated in terms of half or one-hour appointments, with the average for a half-hour appointment being £35 and an hour-long being £50.

Can Russian Lashes Damage Natural Lashes?

This is a very important question, as your safety and overall health should always be a factor you consider. However, if the procedure is carried out correctly, these kinds of lashes can help to stimulate the growth of natural lashes as the fibre when applied is incredibly light and will not place too much pressure on your existing natural lashes.

So, if you are interested in having fuller lashes with more oomph, whether it’s for your daily life or a special event, go the way of the Russians and invest in Russian lashes today!

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