What is a Lash Primer & What It Does?

One important factor to consider is the formula, as some lash primers contain high levels of alcohol that can be harmful to your natural lashes. Our primer, for example, is gentle and contains a low percentage of alcohol to help remove excess sebum without damaging your lashes.

So if you want to make your lash clients happy with good lash extensions retention, read on to discover everything you need to know about lash primer.

We'll take a closer look at lash primer trends and the benefits of using a lash primer. We'll also discuss how to apply lash primer and what to look for in a quality product.

What is eyelash primer?

Eyelash primer, also known as lash extension primer, is a cosmetic product that is applied to natural lashes. It is designed to remove sebum from natural lashes and prepare for lash adhesive to work better/bond extensions to natural lashes.

Eyelash primer

Flawless Pre-Treatment Lash Primer is a must-have when a cleanser can't remove excess of oils. Like our skin, our eyelashes require priming before makeup application. Our innovative Lash Primer contains less than 20% alcohol, unlike other primers, preventing dehydration or irritation. It also balances the natural pH level for better lash adhesive bonding.

The benefits of lash primer

Lash primer offers a multitude of benefits when used correctly. It can help to remove excess sebum and bring the natural lash pH to a neutral level, which is required for lash extension treatments. It helps the lash adhesive work faster and improves bonding, which can lead to improved lash retention. Lash primer can also speed up the overall treatment process as the lash glue bonds better to a properly cleansed and primed lashes.

Incorporating lash primer into your lash extension routine can lead to longer-lasting. It can also protect your natural lashes from damage caused by lash glue.

What does primer do to eyelashes?

In addition to removing excess oils and bringing the natural lash pH to a neutral level, which is required for successful lash extension treatment. It creates a base for the lash adhesive to adhere to, which can improve the longevity of lash extensions.

If used correctly, lash primer helps to remove excess sebum and brings the natural lash pH to a neutral level, which is required for successful lash extension treatment.

How to use a lash primer

Remember to always use lash primer according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and avoid getting the product into your eyes.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use lash primer:

  1. Start with clean lashes - Before applying Pre-Treatment Lash Primer, wash all traces of dirt and makeup from the lashes using Eyelash Foam Cleanser. Unless the client has dry skin, we recommend you wash the skin around the eye area too.
  2. Applylash primer - Using our Mini Micro Brushes, dip a microbrush into the primer, ensuring the brush is not too wet with product. Apply primer in sections, working across the lash line. Don’t be tempted to try and do all the lashes in one go, as the primer can evaporate before you have finished the job. 
  3. Allow to dry - wait a few seconds, as you don't want to apply lash glue on wet natural lashes, which can cause “blooming” effect. Once the lashes are dry, you’re ready to start the eyelash extension application.

Is it necessary to use lash primer?

Just like you use eyeshadow to enhance your client’s eye makeup, eyelash primer is an important tool for professional lash artists in preparing natural lashes for lash enhancement.

However, if your client has natural lashes with a low pH level, meaning that they produce excess oil or sebum, then using a lash primer can help to remove this excess oil and balance the pH level. This is important for a successful and long-lasting lash extension retention.

If you've already used a lash shampoo and your lash clients' natural lashes still have excess of oil, then a lash primer can be a helpful solution. Ultimately, whether or not to use a lash primer depends on natural lash health and the desired outcome of your lash treatment.

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