What Lash Artist should know about rapid Lash Extensions?

July 14, 2017

What Lash Artist should know about rapid Lash Extensions?

Finally you can pick up Volume Fans quick and easy with Flawless Lashes by Loreta Rapid lashes range. Hence the name, these lashes will help experienced professionals turn around more clients and increase their income. Beautiful, isn’t it? But here comes the big confusion. New customers who order Rapid lashes, expect to see one length per line or pre-made fans, this is not the case! Let me explain. Let’s say someone who is new to Rapid lashes buys 7-11 range and due to the lack of knowledge expects to see Rapid lashes lined up in the old traditional way, as per example below:
  • |||||||||||| – 7
  • |||||||||||| – 9
  • |||||||||||| – 11

Let me ask you. How do you expect your lash application treatment to become “RAPID” if you are only able to pick one extension from different line at the time? This above would be a Mixed Length tray.

Our 0.07 C or D curl Rapid lashes come in 3 different lengths per strip/line of lash extensions ranging in odd or even number combinations. Please do not get confused. Not one length per strip/line, three lengths! Example of odd number lengths:

  • |||7-11|||7-11|||7-11
  • |||7-11|||7-11|||7-11
  • and so on.

Example of even number lengths:

  • |||8-12|||8-12|||8-12
  • |||8-12|||8-12|||8-12
  • and so on…


Still not sure? Learn this technique with Loreta who will be delighted to share her knowledge and passion with you and will help you to learn speedy lash application, without compromising the quality of your work. Only for experienced Lash Artists.

Flawless Team (first published 20th of October 2016)

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