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3 products

Boutique candles have emerged as one of the top trends for both salons and homes in recent years. Not only do they fill your space with an incredible scent, they look beautiful too, subtly complementing your décor or making a big impact with a statement look.

Today’s candle-lovers are wising up to the potential dangers of lower-quality candles, and choosing luxury, artisan candles instead.

What are boutique candles?

You may not understand the difference between a boutique candle and the kind of cheap candle you can pick up at a supermarket. However, an artisan candle is different in almost every way. They are hand-poured not mass-produced, and made of eco-friendly soy wax rather than paraffin wax. Paraffin is a petroleum by-product; burning paraffin wax has been shown to release harmful carcinogens and petrol-carbon soot into your room.

Soy wax is cleaner-burning and longer lasting, burning up to 50% longer than a paraffin candle. Boutique candles use high quality, natural scents and dyes. The wax is poured into beautiful, reusable vessels, including decorative metal bowls; a superior and more luxurious experience all round.

Types of boutique candle

There are many varieties of luxury candles – all of which will enhance your surroundings with their wonderful scent and attractive looks. Wood wick candles are a recent innovation, designed to burn slowly and release maximum fragrance.

Many boutique candles come in glass jars, often with a lid to contain the fragrance between burnings. However, this look is now much-imitated by cheaper candle makers and does not bring the exclusive look it once did. More sophisticated choice is bowl candles, which bring a truly beautiful and unique look to your salon or home.

What are the benefits of candles? 

Candles have many benefits. When lit, they create a calming and contemplative mood – something we can all benefit from in today’s busy world! And just as with other forms of aromatherapy, the fragrance can make a big impact to your mood, whether you want to feel relaxed, uplifted, invigorated, cosy or focused.

In a beauty salon, the fragrances are a great way to hide any lingering notes of lotions or adhesives. They create a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere that clients will enjoy relaxing in, adding to the pampering nature of their beauty treatment. Scents aside, luxury candles in particular can bring a stylish finish to your surroundings and they also make thoughtful gifts.

Candle care instructions

Caring for your soy candle properly will ensure you can enjoy its beauty and its scent for the longest possible time.

  • On first lighting, leave the candle lit until the melted wax reaches the very edges. This will make sure you get an even burn every time.
  • Trim cotton wicks to 6-8mm before each burn so that the candle doesn’t burn faster than it should.
  • Wood wicks must be lit properly on first lighting – wait until the entire width of the wick has caught alight.
  • Remove surface decorations before burning for safety reasons and for an even burn.