Classic Eyelash Extensions

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7 products

The lashing industry began with the individual eyelash extension. They are the foundation eyelash technique, and are timeless and classic. They are called classic because when volume (multiple lash extension technique) was introduced, it was a way to differentiate between the two styles.

Classic lashes are natural-looking and applied individually, one extension to one natural lash. Every lash artist begins their education with classic eyelash extension.

What are classic eyelash extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are individual extensions which are applied to one natural lash.

With classic lash extensions you can achieve different looks depending on the styling, curls and lengths used by the lash artist. With classic eyelash extensions, we aim to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

What thickness should classic lashes be?

As the industry evolves, our understanding about lash health and techniques continues to improve. We do not recommend using anything thicker than 0.15 thickness – and even then, only on strong natural lashes. We believe that 0.15 thickness, in anything other than a flat lash, should be removed from use in the industry, as the weight does not support healthy natural lashes.

What are the most common diameters for classic lashes?

Professional lash artists typically use no lashes thicker than 0.12 lashes.

How long do classic lashes last?

Whether Classic or Volume lashes, if they are applied correctly, and aftercare advice is properly followed, lash extensions should last the length of the natural lash growth cycle. This could be 3-5 weeks, but this varies depending on factors such as lifestyle, any medications being taken and hormones etc.

Do classic lashes ruin your own?

It depends. If a lash thickness over 0.15 is used (such as 0.20-0.25), they will definitely damage the natural lash. This is where a lash artist’s skill and knowledge is so important, to choose the correct thickness and lash length, and also apply them correctly.

Should I get classic or volume lashes?

It depends on the look you wish to achieve. Also, if you haven’t trained in volume, you should definitely buy classic lashes. If you want a classic spiky look, then classic lashes are the ones to buy. If you want more volume (and have been trained in its application), you can buy volume lashes. You can also create a hybrid look with our classic & volume combination trays.

I'm new to lashes - which type is right for me?

You will definitely need to learn volume lashing for the present and future evolution of your skillset and the demands of the industry, but the foundation will always be classic.