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Breathable Under Eye Tape

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An alternative to micropore tape, this affectionately coloured Under Eye Tape is breathable and gentler on the skin during use and removal (in comparison to paper or micropore tape).

Our breathable under eye tape prevents a build up of moisture during the treatment, while also not leaving skin dry after removal.

Our tape is easy to tear without the need for scissors, and can be used to secure eye pads, but also alone for lifting eyelids, if you have problems applying eye pads.

Breathable under eye tape is ideal for clients with very sensitive skin, or if allergic to eye pads. Minimal discomfort when removing from skin.

Key Info

Do not apply on direct wounds or on inflamed area.

Peel off horizontally (along) with the skin rather than pull it up from the skin.

Do not stretch on application as it may crease the tape.

Do not use for a prolonged time, for a full set of lashes is fine.

If the client is experiencing discomfort or rashes, flares or itching, remove immediately.

If client has watery eyes, do not use tape solely over the lower lashes.

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