Premade Fans

5 products

5 products

Our pre-made fans are heat-bonded not glue-bonded, for the lightest lashes. With 400, 800 fans per tray, available with 3 to 10 lashes per fan(!), and in an array of lengths and curls, single length or mixed lengths per tray. Get Flawless volume lash fans in minutes, not hours – with our pre-made fan lashes.

What are pre-made lash fans?

Pre-made lash fans are pre-bonded handmade eyelash extensions that are purchased in ready-made fans, saving lash artists time and money. Our pre-made fans are sold in single length trays, with choices of 3-10 lashes per fan, curls C, CC and D, and 7mm – 15mm lengths to choose from.

Why choose premade fans?

Lash artists and their clients love mega volume lashes. But both also struggle with the amount of time required to create this lash artistry. It demands an immense amount of skill, time and experience. We have focused on 6D+ premade fans, as we know that this will save you the most time, delight your clients and boost your revenues - because more time means more appointments.

What's the difference between pre-made and pro-made?

You may have seen pre-made fans also be referred to as ‘pro-made.’ Both are ready made fans, but key to point out is that pro-made fans are made by hand, while pre-made fans are made by machine.

All of our ready-made fans are pre-made as they are hand crafted. This ensures accuracy and uniformity each and every time, which can’t be promised by a machine.


Are premade fans bad for your lashes?

Premade volume fans aren't bad if applied correctly. Made with a safety first mindset, our pre-made fans are fully tested so as not to exceed healthy weight. Also, they are heat-bonded, not glue-bonded, so are some of the biggest and lightest fans you’ll find. For example, a 4D fan made with 0.07 lashes would weigh 0.136mg. By comparison, our 8D pro-made fans weigh the same!

How many pre-made fans come in each tray?

Our premade lashes have 400 single-length fans per tray in 4D-10D and 800 fans per tray mixed lengths of 3D. Additionally, you can choose between 3D -10D (lashes per fan), curls C, CC and D, and 7mm – 15mm lash lengths.