3D Premade Volume Fans Mixed Lengths

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Our mixed length trays of 3D premade volume fans are ideal for keeping in your kit. Whether you’re still mastering the art of volume fans or you like to keep some premade volume fans in stock for fast lashing - they’re a must!

A fantastic addition to our range of pre-made fans, they’re made from thicker extensions than our mega volume pre-mades - perfect for creating a more natural look. They’re heat bonded making them beautifully light and the long base makes for excellent retention and a darker lash line.


100% Synthetic PBT Fiber



Curls Available:

C, CC, D

Pack type:

Mixed Trays


8mm to 13mm per tray

Pack size:

3D trays - 800 fans, 40 per row

Volume fan size:

3 extensions per fan

Fan base:

Heat bonded

Each tray contains:

8mm x 2 rows, 9mm x 3 rows, 10mm x 4 rows, 11mm x 4 rows, 12mm x 4 rows, 13mm x 3 rows


After you have planned the look with your client and prepared their natural lashes, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  • Pick up the fan. Using volume tweezers, grab the pre-made fan at the base and lift up gently from the strip.
  • Reposition. Place the fan back down again in a space on the sticky strip so it’s easy to pick up again with the best possible grip.
  • Dip into adhesive. Pick up the fan and dip into a slower-drying lash adhesive, or if you use a fast-drying adhesive, pick up a little more glue than you would usually use for handmade fans
  • Apply to the isolated lash. You’ll find the long base of the fan makes for easier application.

Benefits of these pre-made fans

Our mixed length trays are great value, providing 6 different lengths in one tray that allow you to create gorgeous looks that suit each client’s eye shape and a number of different on-trend styles.

Because our premade fans are heat-bonded, they’re beautifully light, ensuring safe, healthy weights for the natural lashes. And because they’re hand-made, they’re superb quality, uniform and symmetrical too.

When you’re working with our pre-made 3D fans, you’ll notice that the base where the extensions are heat bonded together is a little longer. This longer base helps to create a darker lash line - a look which lash artists (and clients) - love!

A longer base is also helpful for beginners in volume lashes. It makes the process quite similar to applying classic lashes and allows for excellent retention. We recommend our 3D fans as a good starting point for artists who have only trained in classic lashes to begin practicing their volume skills. However, 4D lashes shouldn't be tackled until full volume training has been undertaken.

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I was absolutely thrilled with the finished result, as you can see they look full and natural. Instantly I got praised for my pretty lashes and it certainly saved time getting ready for work or play.

Customer Reviews

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Colette Cullins
3d fans

So far these are the best 3d fans I've ever used as a lash artist! I love the soft natural look. Others are more stick like and fake looking. These give soft subtle volume to add to classic sets. My goals as a lash artist are to give lashes that are vibrant and noticeable but not overpowering or the fake look.
Faithful consumer



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