0.06 Volume Lash Extensions

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Our 0.06 volume eyelash extensions are hands-down the most popular eyelash extensions that we offer. They’re perfect for creating Russian Volume fans of up to 4D, depending on each client’s natural lashes. Not recommended for mega volume lash application – lash health first, always!

Try mixing them with other volume lash extension thickness such as 0.05 and 0.07 to create gorgeous texture.

100% synthetic PBT fibre, suitable for vegans.

Key info


Lightweight / Volume


Deep rich black


100% synthetic PBT fibre



Curls available:

C, D, D+

Pack type:

Single lengths


6 to 15mm




Whatever your preferred volume lashing technique, you’ll love the look of dark, dense lashes they create. We’re proud to put the Flawless name against these extensions.

They come from a highly reputable manufacturer and undergo extremely rigorous quality control checks, which means you can be guaranteed of the consistency in lash lengths, thickness and curl every time you shop with us. We receive excellent feedback from well-known salons and lash technicians about the quality and consistency of our eyelashes.

How to use

  1. Peel desired number of lashes off the strip and place onto your lash tile
  2. Pinch lashes together using volume lash tweezers or easy fan tweezers to create a fan
  3. Dip the end into eyelash adhesive
  4. Place onto the natural lash


  • Suitable for volume fans of up to 5D - lash health first!
  • For professional use only
  • 100% synthetic PBT fibre
  • Not tested on animals

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