0.10 Nude J Curl Mixed Lengths Classic Lash Extensions

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J Curl lashes have the most subtle curl of any lash extension shape, even more so than the B curl. They have a straight base with a gentle curve towards the tip, making them the ultimate choice for people seeking extra length but with a very natural look. Our J curl lashes are available in rich black, or for a really realistic look, a beautiful brown shade.

100% synthetic PBT fibre, suitable for vegans.

Key info




Black or Brown


100% synthetic PBT fibre

Weight / thickness:


Pack type:

Mixed lengths



No. rows:





Our nude J Curl Lashes are perfect for men looking to get classic eyelash extensions (guy lashes!) as both the colour and the shape are incredibly natural looking. A great way for guys to enhance their gorgeous eyes without using makeup. They’re also perfect for ladies who want their eyelash extensions to look so convincing that people will think that they’re the real thing.

How to use

  1. Peel a single lash off the strip
  2. Dip the end into adhesive
  3. Place onto the natural lash


  • For professional use only
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% synthetic PBT fibre

We do not recommend J curl lashes for downward pointing natural lashes. Because J lashes do not have much of a curl they can hide the eye a little and make them look partially closed.

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