0.10 Nude Look J Curl Mixed Lengths Lash Extensions


Flawless Lashes by Loreta 0.10 Nude Look J curl Mixed Lengths Lashes are individual lashes available in Black or Brown. These trays are combining 7 lengths, so you'll have all  lengths needed in one tray ready for your treatments.


Why use Nude Look lashes?

Follow the new biggest trend and get those gorgeous men's eye enhanced in a natural looking way! Our Nude Look J curl lashes are perfect for male (though can be used for female customers as well) as less curly therefore more natural looking without compromising on great effect. 


Loreta's tip:

Used with the right lash extension adhesive our 0.10 Nude Look J Curl Mixed Lengths Lashes guarantees you a great retention, glamorous look and many happy clients. 

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NOTE: We have new packaging slowly coming through. This means that you may receive a mix of current and new packaging within your order. Thank you for bearing with us through this transition.

Key info
  • Mat velvet finish for a natural look
  • Light weight 
  • PBT fiber
  • Available in BLACK or Brown colour
  • Weight/Thickness 0.10
  • Tray contains 16 lines: lengths 6mm to 12mm.

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