0.15 Flat Mixed Lengths Classic Lash Extensions

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Flat lashes are eyelash extensions with a flatter, curved square-shaped base. The base on flat lashes is wider than classic lashes, which means that the broader surface area, can make for better retention.

Key info:

Type Classic lashes
Colour Matt black
Material 100% Synthetic PBT Fibre
Thickness 0.15
Curls available C, CC, D
Pack type Mixed lengths
Pack size 16 lines
Lengths available 8-13mm
Ingredients Latex free

Benefits of 0.15 Flat Lashes?

Improvements to our flat lashes mean that they are even softer, lighter and thinner than before, making them different to others you can buy.

Classic 0.10 thickness extensions are compressed using new technology so that they look like a 0.15 thickness lash, but without the weight! These new flat lashes are much lighter than the typical 0.15 or 0.12 classic lash extensions.

Our Flat Lash Extensions were improved to provide safety using classic lash extensions. If you are not trained yet in Volume eyelash extensions, these Flat lashes will provide you with confidence. Our new 0.15 flat lashes don’t have that heavy, plastic-like look or weight that could damage the natural lash.

Designed with a square but curved shape at the base of the lash, this slowly turns into pointy tip. Not as wide at the base, not only are they thinner than the body of the lash, they are safer and lighter to apply being more narrow. They also bond better with the natural lash, no matter how you place them (side, under or top).

What's more?

Used with the right lash extension adhesive, our 0.15 Classic Flat Mixed Lashes  guarantee you great retention, soft feeling as they feel like Volume lashes. 

Want to know more about Classic and Volume Lash Extensions? Come and learn Loreta's best tips and techniques at our Academy.

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