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Do you want to master the art of the latest bang-on-trend beauty treatment? 

Brow lamination is the latest innovation in the brow industry and a great alternative to micro-blading.

Brow lamination is a process of restructuring the eyebrow hairs to keep them in the desired shape, it is the perfect treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction or unruly brows, have gaps in between hairs, or who wants that groomed, brushed-up look or just-combed effect.  It’s like a keratin treatment for your brows. 

Which is why we want to teach how to master the art of this latest technique!

This course teaches you how to get the best results by learning the art of creating fully, natural, fluffy brows using our lift system. Modules cover Brow preparation,  analysis of the client’s face shapes,  brow lamination, tinting the eyebrows and aftercare. 

This treatment is proven to be popular, So why not learn this latest trend and earn over £800 per week. 

Live e-learning seminar in Brow Lamination

Join us for a live e-learning seminar on Brow Lamination, delivered by expert International beauty brand, Flawless Lashes by Loreta. Maximum 6-8 students per e class. 

£190.00 Investment

Receive the complete package, comprising the live e-learning seminar, student kit, manual and certificate upon completion. FREE STARTER KIT - WORTH OF £160.04

Student kit includes:  

Luxury Box  £9.99
Lash Lift Glue £21.99
Lash & Brow Lotion 1 x 5 sachets £13.89
Lash & Brow Lotion 2 x 5 sachets £13.89
Lash & Brow Lotion 3 (5ml pump bottle) £35.50
Keratin Tint (Natural Brown 30ml Pump Bottle) £48.89
Lash Lift Comb x 1 pcs £1.50
Lash lift brush x 1 pcs £2.10
Lash separating brushes (Pack of 6) £4.20
Foam cleanser sachets x 5 sachets £3.99
Brow film wrap £4.10


*3 case study submissions required for certification eligibility. Must be submitted within 3 months.

Important Information 

After your purchase you will receive email within 48 hours how to join our Class hosted on Zoom platform. We recommend you to download the zoom app. 

As seen

If you're looking for a Lash & Brow Lamination online training to give you the skills you need to become the best in your area - look no further!

A simple cat-eye flick may look like the easiest thing in the world, but it takes some practice! If you have trouble applying it daily (just like us) then why not try Flawless Eyeliner? It has a super precise fibre tip and won't budge until you want it to, even in humid temperatures.

With carefully curated products and added educational value, Flawless Lashes By Loreta’s kits redefine the standards of lash enhancement in the beauty industry.

Best for boosting thickness: Flawless Lashes by Loreta Lash Wizard Serum

I was absolutely thrilled with the finished result, as you can see they look full and natural. Instantly I got praised for my pretty lashes and it certainly saved time getting ready for work or play.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you Loreta and her fabulous team. This was my first ever online course and I didn't know what to expect. It was great! I felt very welcomed and relaxed during the course and not awkward. Loreta and Nga were exceptionally thorough explaining the treatment process.
I was sceptical about the treatment on my own eyebrows but WOW! Fuller, fluffy and just perfect! I love them! Clients and friends cannot wait to have this done!

Love this !!

Loved the training , can ask questions , feels like we are in the same room and loved the treatment !!thank you Nga and loreta !!

Best course ever!

One of the best course ever. We've learned everything from products to practical work! I recommend to everyone who want to learn how to design perfect lamination brows and offer this service to clients Best of all is that, they are still available for advice or anything else! Thank you Loreta and Nga!


We can learn not only about the technique but also deeply about the material which we use. I think it's very important for an beatician to understand excactly how each lotion works and what happens with our hair.
I tried the treatment on my own brows and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! My brows look full and healthy, very nicely formed. I defenitely bring this treatment in my salon menu soon. Thank you Loreta for this great inspiration. Thank you Nga for the great course!!!!

Never stop learning with Loreta

Very interesting as always. I have learn a lot with the best team! Can’t wait to try on my clients.
I recommend of course!

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