Brow Lamination Kits for Flawless Lashes By Loreta Licensed Trainers

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These student kits are for Flawless Lashes by Loreta certified and licensed trainers only. If not licensed Flawless Educator will purchase any of these kits, kits will be sent without manual and without certificate!

 Brow Lamination Kit

Product Price
Manual £25.00
Certificate £12.00
Luxury Box £9.99
Flawless Lash Lift Glue £18.89
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.1 £24.89
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.2 £24.89
Flawless Lash Lift Lotion No.3 £29.89
Lash Lift Comb (1 pcs) £1.50
Lash Lift Brushes (1 pcs) £2.10
Foam cleanser Bottle £15.50

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