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Which tweezers do you prefer to use for classic eyelash extension pick up?

Classic Pick-up Tweezers are hooked tweezers used for picking up the individual eyelash extensions for Classic eyelash application. These eyelash tweezers are an essential tool for eyelash extension application. They are particularly useful beginner eyelash technicians. 

Individual classic eyelash extensions, we used to pick up with straight eyelash tweezers back in the day. But it’s easier to use hooked and introduction allowing you to get used to Russian Volume eyelash extension tweezers, which are all hooked.

Loreta's tip:

To keep your tweezers in good condition after disinfecting, we would recommend a tweezer stand.

Though barbicide is a requirement for best hygiene practise, we would not recommend leaving your tools in the solution for extended periods of time, as your tools can rust. 

There are many types of eyelash tweezers on the market and choosing pair that suits you best can be really tricky.

If you are new to lashing, we recommend that you invest in different styles and shapes tweezers and try them for a few days. Then stick to your favourite ones that feels the most comfortable. Once you've gained experience, you will know what shape and style of tweezers you enjoy working with. 

To apply classic eyelash extensions (1 by 1), you also need tweezers to isolate the natural lashes. Click here to shop our isolating tweezers.

Satisfaction Guarantee!

We are so confident that you’ll love our tweezers that they have now a satisfaction guarantee! So why not give them a try? 
Let us know within 2 weeks of receipt if you'd like to return the tweezers. If you are in the UK, we will provide you a free return label. If you are abroad, ship the item(s) back to us by tracked delivery, we will refund shipping costs (please provide proof). We will refund the tweezers* once received.

*tweezers returned need to be properly packed and not damaged or dirty. There will be no tolerance of any abuse of this guarantee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I wasn’t so happy with this set of tweezers as they wasn’t clasping together right or tightly unfortunately but liked other sets I ordered .



Nice and great quality

One of the best tweezers the quality is top super easy to pick the lashes very comfortable

Bahar Turan
Only tweezer I use

The only tweezer I can comfortably and easily use when doing classic lashes on my clients. I’ve tried other brands but this tweezer tops the lot in ease comfort and great grip

Marie Gaywood
Give them a try!

Thought I'd try asbi love other tweezers from here, and again wasn't let down the are so light and delicate but do the job, small top to get into corners without trouble

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