Disposable Lash Glue Palette

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Looking for an easier way to work with eyelash adhesive while lashing?

Flawless Lashes disposable glue palettes provide 26 handy holes on each palette, to allow you to work with continuously fresh glue drops. This is an alternative way to work with eyelash adhesive without using a crystal palette, which can slide around. Additionally, using a disposable lash glue palette saves you money, as you won’t need to also purchase glue stickers or paper tape to use alongside it.

Adhesive drops stay fresher for longer, as it has less exposure to air because each drop sits in a sunken hole, rather than flat on the surface. However, we would still advise replacing glue drops every 20 minutes.

Flawless Lashes disposable lash glue palette is sold in pack of 10, which means 260 handy holes for quicker lashing, and no need to clean palettes in between clients.

  • Disposable plastic glue palettes
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Each palette has 26 holes
  • Use 1-2 holes per client treatment
  • Prevents glue wastage
  • Keeps glue fresher for longer

Our glue palettes are lightweight, help you to get more use from your glue, and are easy to dispose of when you are done using them.

Loreta’s tips: when your first drop of glue needs to be refreshed, neutralise the first drop of glue with a bit of water, so you don’t inhale glue fumes.

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