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It’s not easy to master the art of making Russian Volume fans, so give yourself the best possible chance by using the best tool for the job. Our Easy Fan Tweezers are designed and developed specifically for the formation and pick-up of fans.

With a shorter, broader foot they’re a halfway house between a 90-degree and a 45-degree angle, making them very easy to use whatever your style.

Key info:

  • For volume fans of 2D - 5D
  • Shorter foot and less pointy tip vs our 90-degree volume tweezers
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Two-week satisfaction guarantee
  • Each pair is individually tested before shipping


  • Our high-quality Easy Fan eyelash extension tweezers are exceptionally good at making volume fans using any Russian Volume technique (except for ‘Rocking’ and ‘Wiggle’). They’re designed to be comfortable to use over long periods, avoiding hand strain.
  • Pick up fans just a little along from the tip - you’ll love the secure grip which grabs volume fans up to 5D with ease, using 0.05, 0.06 or 0.07 thickness eyelashes.
  • While they can grab larger fans, Easy Fan eyelash extension tweezers perform best in creating volume fans up to 5D. If you want tweezers for 6D+, we recommend our Mega Volume Tweezers.

How to use Easy Fan Tweezers:

  1. Hold the Flawless Easy Fan Tweezers a little below halfway down, close enough to the foot to maintain a well-controlled grip
  2. We recommend picking up fans close to the tip of the tweezers, but try a few spots to find what works best for you and your individual pair - each one is handmade so there are very slight variations.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are so confident that you’ll love our tweezers that each pair comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Let us know within 2 weeks of receipt if you'd like to return them. If you are in the UK, we will provide you with a free returns label.

    If you are abroad, ship the item(s) back to us by tracked delivery and we will refund your shipping costs (please provide proof). We will issue your refund once the tweezers are received and in good condition. They must be properly packed and not damaged or dirty or no refund will be issued.


    Each Easy Fan Tweezers are handmade which makes each one of them unique. If you purchase more than one, you might need to adjust to each one.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews

    These seem ok as I’ve only quickly tried them but worked well .

    Parichat Castles
    I cant live without this amazing tweezers!

    I do used a lot of tweezers but none of them is my favourite until I found Easy fan Tweezers!! Love love love it! So easy to use especially making fan up to 5D! I love pinching technique and this tweezers grabs it so well! I can not live without it! My lash life easy because of this easy fan tweezers ♥️

    Game changer

    Changed the way I make my fans completely so much quicker and more even.love these tweezers.

    Cristina Ryan
    Good tweezers

    Good for 3D to 5D volume in my personal opinion.


    It’s not very often I leave a review of any product but these tweezers have literally changed lashing for me completely, they are amazing, they pick up perfectly, very little pressure needed, they make fanning so easy, I now look forward to doing full sets it’s no longer a daunting prospect for me.

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