Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1 (5ml)

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The Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1 is specially formulated product designed to reshape and lift the natural lashes, providing a curled and lifted effect. This lotion is the first step of lash lift treatment. It is also the easiest and quickest way to achieve perfectly curled eyelashes. This lash enhancer is designed to give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes in an instant.

Chemicals in the perming lotion break up the disulfide bonds in strands of hair, making it possible to reshape the hair. The recommended setting time for the perming lotion is 7 minutes, time can be increased  by 1-2min if needed, if client's natural lashes are very strong.

Eyelash extensions and false lashes aren't necessary when you use Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1, a professional eyelash lift product. The product is in the form of a pen, making it simple to carry and use anywhere. Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1 is a long-lasting and inexpensive option, with a shelf life of 36 months.




PH Level

8, 7%



Shelf Life

36 months (Once opened use in 6 months)

Made in


The packaging of our lash lift lotion makes it quick and easy to use, especially for mobile lash stylists. Its compact and portable design allows for effortless carrying, making it convenient for on-the-go applications.

How to Use Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1

Putting on Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1 is a breeze. The correct application for beautiful lashes:

  1. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any oil or makeup from your eyelashes.
  2. Use the pen to apply Flawless Express Lift Cream 1 to your lashes. Avoid coming into contact with it on your skin, as doing so could trigger an allergic reaction. Wait 5 minutes before removing the product.
  3. Apply the product and wait 5 minutes before removing it with a lint-free cloth.

Understanding Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1

Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1 is a safe and effective product, but there are some measures you should take to ensure the best results. Important safety considerations include the following:

  • The product should not come into contact with the skin, as doing so could trigger an allergic reaction.
  • In the event of eye contact, flush them thoroughly with water.
  • Don't let kids play with the products.
  • Keep products out of reach of children.
  • To keep the ink from drying out, always replace the pen's cap after use.
  • Flawless Express Lift Cream 1 has a 36-months-long expiration date. Use them by the due date or risk losing them.

Using Flawless Express Lift Lotion 1 to achieve naturally lifted lashes is a quick and simple process. This lash lift product is used to break disulfide bonds and make hair flexible. Take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety and comfort.

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