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Flawless Eyeliner Poster

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Thinking of having Flawless Eyeliner at your salon?

Flawless Eyeliner Poster is a great and effective form of advertising. 

Give your clients an options of colour. 

Beautiful design. 

Perfect for hanging on your shop wall or window. You can, as well, insert it in a plastic stand up frame to put on your shop table top or a shelf.

Key info
  • Single-sided A4 format

As seen

If you're looking for a Lash & Brow Lamination online training to give you the skills you need to become the best in your area - look no further!

A simple cat-eye flick may look like the easiest thing in the world, but it takes some practice! If you have trouble applying it daily (just like us) then why not try Flawless Eyeliner? It has a super precise fibre tip and won't budge until you want it to, even in humid temperatures.

With carefully curated products and added educational value, Flawless Lashes By Loreta’s kits redefine the standards of lash enhancement in the beauty industry.

Best for boosting thickness: Flawless Lashes by Loreta Lash Wizard Serum

I was absolutely thrilled with the finished result, as you can see they look full and natural. Instantly I got praised for my pretty lashes and it certainly saved time getting ready for work or play.

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