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Seeking a pair of versatile, high-quality eyelash extension tweezers that are suitable for both volume and mega volume? Our sleek 90-degree angle volume tweezers are designed to give you range, no matter what thickness of lashes you use. With exceptionally fine and sharp points, they are perfect for working with even the finest lashes and for grabbing fans of all sizes.

Key info

  • For volume fans of 2D - 10D
  • For premade fans or making your own
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Two-week satisfaction guarantee
  • Each pair is individually tested before shipping


The foot of these tweezers is at a 90-degree angle (right angle) which makes them easy and comfortable to use. Pick up fans with the tip, close to the tip, or further along the foot - these tweezers will get the job done!

They need only a gentle squeeze to grab your beautiful volume fan, securely and precisely - whether you’re picking up volume fans up to 4D (using 0.06 or 0.07 eyelashes) or up to 10D (using mega volume eyelashes of 0.03 or 0.05). Take your volume lashing skills from good to great!

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How to use Volume Tweezers 90°:

  1. Hold the Flawless Volume Tweezer 90° a little below halfway down, close enough to the foot to maintain a well-controlled grip.
  2. We recommend picking up fans close to the tip of the tweezers, but try a few spots to find what works best for you and your individual pair - each one is handmade so there are very slight variations.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are so confident that you’ll love our tweezers that each pair comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Let us know within 2 weeks of receipt if you'd like to return them. If you are in the UK, we will provide you with a free returns label. If you are abroad, ship the item(s) back to us by tracked delivery and we will refund your shipping costs (please provide proof). We will issue your refund once the tweezers are received and in good condition. They must be properly packed and not damaged or dirty or no refund will be issued.


    Each Flawless Volume Tweezers 90° are handmade which makes each one of them unique. If you purchase more than one, you might need to adjust to each one.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Aura beauty
    Amazing tweezers

    I was recommended these tweezers by my lash tech. They are a game changer if you’re used to using the L shape tweezers! I have brought about 5 pairs. One pair was out of alignment when I received them, a new pair was sent out right away! Amazing customer service really satisfied with this company! 💕

    Joanna Michalik
    I love those tweezers!!

    I always use tweezers from flawless lashes by loreta becasue they are just the best! This tweezer is the best to making a fans and I only work with this one!
    10000% I recommend this tweezer

    Dear Joanna,

    we trilled to hear your feedback.
    Flawless Team xxx

    Parichat Castles
    Love love it!

    So good! Easy to work ♥️ my favourite tweezers

    Career changing purchase

    I have spent the past weeks practicing countless hours attempting to separate, pick up and place fans. I have gone through dozens of tweezers and I was really beginning to think, I couldnt do it. Not the way I wanted any way. Considering i am a master lash tech with 8 years of experience in classic lashing, you can imagine the level of disappointment. The problem was, I simply did not have the right tools. A couple od days a volume tweezer arrived that i was finally able to use. This morning i did 1 eye, 0.07 Volume on a client, and it took me good hour. And it wasnt all that full. And then in the middle of my extensions, Loretas tweezers arrived. Wow. It was like using a scalpel instead of a butter knife. I was finished with the other eye in less than an hour. With perfectly constructed 3d and 4d fans.
    I need more of these tweezers. Just in case.

    If you are struggling, just get a good pair of tweezers first. And then practice. I cant emphasize enough the difference.

    Thank you :)

    Vesna Beauty Clinic El Medano, Tenerife

    Best friends

    My best briend doing volume fans. Does not matter where u grab the lashes, the fan just coming perfectly 😍

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