Flawless Volumizer 6ml

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Are you tired of Russian volume fans closing?

The Newest Innovation, Flawless Volumizer, is the product every eyelash artist must have. It helps Russian Volume Fans to stay open, and prevents lash adhesive travelling up to the eyelash extension (volume fan).

Key info:

  • 6ml
  • Tight seal to prevent excess product wastage
  • Low fumes
  • For use directly on eyelash extensions strip when making volume fans only
  • Do not use on natural lashes or lash extensions

Volumizer will come to the rescue when you’ve tried every glue, all humidities, and all the lash tricks in the book to keep your Russian volume fans open. Other factors that can affect the speed of your Russian volume eyelash extension application are room humidity, slowing glue drying time; the client’s natural lash condition; eyelash preparation for treatment. Each of these can add to the treatment time, making Russian Volume lash extension treatment more challenging. This is why Voumizer is your go-to product to assist with these challenges, finish treatments more quickly, see more clients, and save your sanity!

How to use:

  1.  Apply a tiny amount of Flawless Volumizer 1-2mm from the bottom of the lash strip, where extensions are glued, depending on length of lash extensions or how long a volume fan base you would like to achieve. If you would like to have volume fan base/stem to be 1mm length, apply volumizer 1mm up from bottom of lash strip.
  2. Re-apply every 6 hours, if room temperature is up to 20-22 Celsius, or if you are noticing that volume fans start closing.
  3. Store in a dry, cool area.

Which eyelash extension types is Volumizer suitable for?

  • Volumizer is suitable for all lash extension brands 
  • Works with any lash glue
  • Suitable for Russian Volume extensions
  • Lash thickness: 0.03 - 0.07
  • For thicker lashes (0.06-0.07), you may need to use more product 
  • For thicknesses 0.03-0.05, you may need to use less product by dabbing excess on a tissue

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