Fusion Lash Adhesive

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Fusion Lash Adhesive is great for advanced lash artists who want to make application easy and get the best retention possible. It works best for premade fans and places with medium to high humidity.

This adhesive is a reliable choice for skilled lash artists seeking exceptional performance in various settings, as it fulfils their requirements and consistently delivers excellent results.

Key info: 

Drying time

Super fast - 1 second


Very strong




Carbon Black




5g bottle in foil pouch, glue pin and spare glue bottle nozzle included


Ethyl cyanoacrylate, Carbon Black


100% vegan


3-5 weeks

Shelf Life

4-6 weeks (6 months unopened)

After opened - 1 month

 Click here to Download MSDS

Environmental Conditions:

  • Temperature: 18-22 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: 40-70%

How to Store:

  • Store in a cool, Lash Glue container.
  • Use silica gel to lessen humidity.
  • Keep away from UV light, radiators, direct sun

How to Use:

  1. Use a glue pin to shake the eyelash adhesive bottle well before application.
  2. After squeezing a drop of glue, use glue wipes to clean any excess from the nozzle or tip.
  3. Use a glue palette for precise control when dispensing the glue, ensuring an appropriate amount for application.
  4. Dip the lash extension into the glue, submerging it approximately 0.5mm to 2mm deep for optimal adhesion.
  5. Apply the glued lash extension to a thoroughly cleansed natural lash, adhering to the desired position and alignment.


*Keep out of reach of children.

*Only for professional lash artists.

*Causes serious eye and skin irritation and may cause respiratory irritation.

*If the adhesive accidentally went into the eye, run your eyes under warm water for about 5–10 minutes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
My new Must-Have

I’ve immediately fell in love with Fusion. I don’t need to use the Volumizer to keep the fan open while I attach the extension on NL. I can finish the volume set so much faster than before.

Ellie Young
My new fave glue!

It’s hard controlling the temp & humidity of the glue but with Fusion it works in a wide range which is helpful!
It’s low fumes & I’ve seen it gives great retention!

Oxana Doros
So good

Very nice glue, easy to work and retention is great 👍🏻 Especially I love how it works when it’s warm inside. I would definitely recommend to try.

Superb lash glue

Its so good glue , perfect for lashes , you need to try , left me amaized , super fast ,deffinetly recomended

Thewika Hunt
Oh my gosh!!

I have been a big fan with another glue from Flawless range for a long time and never think I would change to other, but received this glue as a sample. I love it!

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