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Do you want to know how to store your eyelash glue adhesive to get the best performance?

Stash your eyelash glue adhesive in style, with our Stainless Steel Lash Glue Container giving them a longer shelf life. 

Our airtight stainless steel container keeps your glue away from moisture and therefore keeps your eyelash glue adhesive fresher for longer. The updated design contains an additional insert to keep glue upright and in place. Simply pop your bottles in the tube in an upright position, press and hold the button, while sliding the lid down to create an airtight vacuum. Store up to three units of glue in each container.

Longer shelf life also means you can have a wider range of lash glues at the ready to adapt to every humidity level, client preference and lash style. Have you tried all of our adhesives yet?

Container dimensions: 

Diameter: 7.5cm

Height: 8.5 cm 


How to get the most out of your eyelash glue adhesive:

  • As soon as you take your drop of glue, put the bottle back into the container
  • Store your container in a cool and dry place
  • Do not store the container and its contents near a radiator
  • Never store your glue container or any of your eyelash glue adhesives in a refrigerator
  • Don’t order too many lash glue adhesives, without having the correct storage for them
  • For extra protection, we recommend keeping the silica gel pouch inside the container to draw out any residual moisture

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