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Our new Glue Stickers are ideal to cover crystal glue plate or jade stone, so the adhesive doesn't spread on the surface of the crystal plate and also keeps the plate clean.

These glue stickers are not glossy, which mean their rougher texture will prevent glue drop from spreading and stay as a nice bubble. You can use it for a maximum of 3 drops per sticker then you will need to replace it. This way it stops you from inhaling too much fume due to too many drops for both yourself and your clients.

We recommend that you pour small amount of water on glue drop before you discard the sticker to neutralise the adhesive.

About us

Based on her years of experience as a Master Lash Artist as well as being a leading trainer, a renowned judge and lecturer, Loreta collates and creates a full range of high quality tools and accessories to support eyelash technicians in their career.

Her emphasis is on creating products that will enable her followers to create ‘flawless masterpieces’ and provide the best care to maintain the healthy lashes of their clients.

The wide range of Flawless Lashes products are of the highest quality to meet Loreta’s precise standards.

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Sold in pack of 100 Glue Stickers

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