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Having trouble with your glue bottle nozzle getting stuck all the time? 

The most common mistakes lash artists make with their eyelash glue bottles: 

  • shaking the eyelash adhesive bottle with the lid on
  • Not wiping residue from the bottle whenever they take a glue drop. And instead immediately putting the lid on
  • Wiping the bottle nozzle with tissue, meaning that fibres can get inside the bottle when this is the very thing you are trying to avoid. Fibres can also be transferred onto lashes
  • Squeezing the bottle to get the next drop out, instead of letting gravity do the work. This can mean that unnecessary air gets into the bottle.

Our lint-free Glue Wipes will always keep the nozzle tip of your eyelash glue adhesive bottle clean and ready for its next use. These glue wipes also have the ability to clean glue residues perfectly off of different surfaces.

Our wipes do not cause a reaction with your glue and do not create fibre build up like paper towels or makeup sponges do. 

Contains 200 wipes. You only need one wipe per use.


How to avoid common glue bottle issues

  • We always recommend shaking the bottle with the lid off, using a glue pin
  • After taking your fresh glue drop, wipe the bottle residue using a glue wipe that does not contain any fibres
  • Wipe adhesive nozzle quickly after dispensing your fresh drop of glue
  • Wipe while the bottle is upright
  • Place adhesive bottle in glue container after each glue drop
  • Ensure that you are always using lint-free glue wipes. Any fibres that possibly get into the adhesive bottle by using other alternatives, could cause chemical reactions, like burning and the release of additional fumes.

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