Flawless Keratin Tint Treatment 30ml

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Introducing our revolutionary new product for both lashes and brows, designed to save lash and brow artists time and money AND get better results. The Flawless Keratin Tint Treatment combines both tint and cream developer and nourishing keratin treatment – all together dispensed with just a pump of our ingenious bottle.

Simply mix and apply for long-lasting colour and gorgeously glossy lashes and brows. Quick, easy – and exclusive to Flawless Lashes By Loreta.


Key info

Product type:

Tint and cream developer plus keratin treatment


Natural Brown, Blue Black

Bottle size:

15ml Colour with cream developer, 15ml Keratin treatment


2-3 pumps per treatment


Approx. 30-40 treatments per bottle depend on how much solution you pump per treatment 



  • Tint + Cream Developer + Lash Plump / Lash Botox in one!
  • No need for separate oxidant – avoid oxidant errors
  • Colour lasts longer than standard tint
  • Stronger, shinier and darker lashes/brow hairs
  • Repairs and protects against damage for happier clients
  • Quick and easy to use – leave on just 5-10 minutes
  • Save time every treatment – fit in more clients!
  • Save money vs buying tint + oxidant + Lash Plump


How to use

Flawless Keratin Tint can be used for colouring eyelashes/brows after lash lift/brow lamination treatment or can be used as standalone a tint and nourishing treatment for lashes/brows. It’s so quick and easy to use - it will revolutionise the way you do tints:

  1. Clean eyelashes/ brows thoroughly
  2. Dispense 1-2 pumps of Keratin Tint Treatment into a mixing dish
  3. Mix evenly with microfibre brush
  4. Apply Keratin Tint to eyelashes or brows using microfibre brush.
  5. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, depending on how dark a result is desired
  6. Remove with Flawless Lotion 3, or if not using then water can be used
  7. Comb lashes using an eyelash brush



Aqua Cetearyl Alcohol
Hydrogen Peroxide 9% (0.45%) Ceteareth-25
Disodium Phosphate Salicylic Acid
Keratin Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract
Citronellol Parfum
Thuja Orientalis Extract Panthenol
Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract Zingiber Officinale Root Extract
Benzyl Alcohol Limonene



Patch test required 48 hours before treatment.

Professional use only.

Blue Black not recommended for brows due to its intense black colour.

Please note: After lash lamination leave product on lashes for the minimum amount of time. Exposure time should be at least 5 minutes, but not exceeding 10 minutes.

Our natural lashes / brow hairs contains up to 95% keratin. During eyelash and eyebrow lifting and colouring, disulphide bonds within the hair can be weakened or broken. Flawless Keratin Tint protects and repairs these disulphide bonds for stronger, shinier lashes.

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