L+ Mixed Lengths Volume Lash Extensions

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L-Curl lashes have become incredibly popular for their unique eye-opening effect. Our 0.07 L+ lash extensions are akin to an LC curl - straight at the base then turning into a C curl at the tip for a gorgeous look. Our Mixed Length Trays of L+ lash extensions provide you with a full range of lengths so you can tailor every set to the individual client.

100% synthetic PBT fibre, suitable for vegans.

Also available: 0.05 L Curl Single Lengths Volume Lash Extensions

Key info




Matt velvet


Deep rich black


100% synthetic PBT fibre



Pack type:

Mixed lengths


6 to 12mm

No. rows:





Soft, light and silky 0.07 thickness L+ lashes are perfect for clients with straight natural lashes or eyelashes that have a tendency to grow down. It will give an eyelid lifting effect on clients with heavy or droopy lids, making their eyes appear more open. We recommend the use L+ eyelash extensions for monolid eyes too.

Thanks to the L shape, the base of the eyelash extension is straighter, therefore L extensions bond better to the natural lash and give better retention.

How to use

  1. Peel desired number of lashes off the strip and place onto your lash tile
  2. Pinch lashes together using volume lash tweezers or easy fan tweezers to create a fan
  3. Dip the end into lash adhesive
  4. Place onto the natural lash


We recommend 0.07 lash extensions for volume fans of up to 4D in cases where the client has strong natural lashes only. Otherwise, we recommend a maximum fan size of 3D for 0.07 extensions. Lash health first, always.

  • For professional use only
  • 100% synthetic PBT fibre
  • Not tested on animals

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