Silicone Lash Lift Shields

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Product USPs 

  • As a super cool invention, it is a better version of our previously sold similar product with the same purpose. These will be the newest generation of Lash Lift/Lamination Rods/ Shields. 
  • The biggest trend in the lash industry is lash lift and lash/brow lamination. Flawless Lashes is always pioneering the latest lash technology to give clients the best results.
  • New Lash Lift Shields do not require the lash artist to apply lash glue on the back side of the shield, which means that you minimise the risk of client sensitivity and allergies as much less lash adhesive/glue is required during treatment - saving money. But it's not necessarily to avoid applying lash lift glue.
  • The new shape of the Lash Lift Shields means- lash artists can achieve a more dramatic lash lift look, giving clients that extra Flawless natural or dramatic look. 
  • These Lash Lift Shields also have option for lower Lash Lifting, which is very new product and only very few other brands have this product.
  • You can get 7 pairs of shields per pack with better price other lash lift brands have to offer.

These new generation silicone lash lift shields from Flawless Lashes by Loreta are made of soft silicone, which allows easy and comfortable attachment to the eyelids while lifting the lashes from the roots, 

One of the main advantages of using our lash lift/ lamination products, is their durability, safety and healthier ingredients. Unlike traditional lash curlers, which can break natural lashes, silicone lash lift shields are made of a flexible, resilient material that help retain natural lashes shape and effectiveness for longer periods of time.

You can confidently use any of the silicone lash lift shields on any client and achieve a dramatic look and curl every time.

Flawless Products Variations:

Mixed pack 

7 pairs of shields- contains 4 different sizes for Upper lashes: SS,S,M,L & 3 different sizes for lower lashes, according to the natural lashes length.  

Single Length Shields

Comes in pack of 7 pairs of shields in: several sizes for upper lashes, or pack of several sizes for lower lashes in single size.

Key Info:

Lash lift shields, lash lift rods are essential tools for performing a lash lift. Traditional lash lift curlers can be difficult to use, which is why many professionals are turning to self-sticking lash lift shields and rods. These new-generation lash lift shields are made of elastic flat silicone, which makes them easier to use and more comfortable for the client. Lash lamination rods and lash lamination shields are also popular for creating a fuller, more dramatic lash look. Lower lash lift shields are a newer product designed to make lower natural lashes more neat, look longer.

As seen

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I was absolutely thrilled with the finished result, as you can see they look full and natural. Instantly I got praised for my pretty lashes and it certainly saved time getting ready for work or play.

Customer Reviews

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The packaging is incredible! Being new to this business I'm trying out different suppliers and I will definitely be using these again! Thank you for the samples too I will be testing those out
Thank you!

Thank you Sammi for lovely feedback. We look forward to welcome you back at our online store.


Really love these shields! Will be ordering more

Favorite shield for me and my clients

This shield is very soft and flexible that it stays well on the eyelid without glue! The curve is also very nice. The lash looks so much longer with this shield because of its form.

Best choice 🥰

Love it 🥰 so soft , flexible, comfortable for eyes, jus everything what you need . 100 % recommendations to try and i am shore you buy again ❤️

Ellie Young
The best I’ve tried

I’ve tried many brands of shields but these are my fave as they’re so flexible and not too bulky. They stay on the eyelid and I love the extra small option

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