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Flawless Lash Plump is an all in one revolutionary treatment, which nourishes the natural lash leaving the lashes more voluminous, stronger and shinier! Why is it different? When other popular brands treatments get applied after Lotion No2 when the lashes’ cuticle is closed, Flawless Lash Plump can be applied after Lotion No1 when the hair cuticle is fully open allowing it’s ultra nourishing ingredients to be absorbed.

Important: if lashes unstuck after plump, you can re attach them with lash lift glue again. Or apply Lash Plump after lotion 2 if you dont tint lashes, if you tint apply Plump after tint.

Loreta's tip:

For best results, use with Flawless Lashes Lash Lift products. We cannot guarantee result with other brands.

Why it works

Lash Plump is a milestone in Lash Lifting.

The particularly gentle and nourishing composition is specially formulated to penetrate into the natural eyelash in the most receptive phase of the Lash Lifting treatment. If Lash Plump is applied directly after Flawless lash lift Lotion No1. At this time, the natural eyelash is the most receptive as the lashes’ cuticles are wide open.

Flawless Lash Plump’s main ingredients are Keratin, Hyaluronic acid, Provitamin B5, Silk protein, Argan oil and Castor oil. Here is how they make Flawless Lash Plump so unique:

  • The keratin elements are activated by the heat and the moisturizers contained in Lash Plump making the eyelashes more voluminous, stronger and shinier. Keratin strengthens the eyelashes from the inside and outside when used after Lotion No1. Keratin has a high sulphur content because it contains cysteine. Cysteine forms the disulphide bridges that stabilize and solidify the hair. The keratin contained in Flawless Lash Plump, when incorporated at this stage, gives the eyelashes a special strength and fixes the wanted curl after the Lash Lift.
  • Hyaluronic acid transports and binds moisture in the medulla and cortex - the matrix. Hyaluronic acid supports and accelerates cell renewal. Thus, the dehydrated moisture-deposits of the hair are replenished and the hair acquires new shine and volume.
  • Provitamin B5 accelerates the healing process of dry, brittle and dull eyelashes. It is moisturizing, smoothing and increases the moisture and elasticity of natural lashes. Since it has a very small molecule size, it can penetrate into the hair shaft where the moisture is then stored.
  • Silk protein gives the natural eyelash a wonderful shine, repairs brittle hair, penetrates deeply into the hair, fills in the damaged areas in the lashes and smooths the roughed skin layer in which the proteins wrap the hair like a protective film.
  • Argan oil penetrates deeply into the lashes, developing long-lasting moisture and elasticity in the fiber layer. It has, in comparison to other oils a decisive advantage: it does not stick and does not weigh down the lashes.
  • Castor oil penetrates very deep into the hair structure, provides the eyelashes with moisture, which makes them supple, smooth and less breakable. Castor oil forms a mechanical protective film against water and water-soluble pollutants and thus strengthens the eyelashes. The triglyceride of ricinoleic acid, also called triricinolein, is known for its very high tocopherol content (vitamin E). In castor oil, γ- and δ-tocopherols dominate. Both act as captors for free radicals and as antioxidants: The ultimate protection for the natural lashes!

How to use

  1. Apply Flawless Lash Plump after Lotion No2 or After Lotion 2 and Tint, your choice how you want to apply
  2. Lash Plump is designed to be left on to set on eyelashes for 2-4 minutes
  3. Remove and apply Lotion No2, if you applied after Lotion1. If you applied after Lotion 2 and Tint, then remove Plump and carry on with Lotion 3 

Patch test required 48 hours before treatment.

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