5 Tips to Thicken Your Eyelashes

You may be tempted to take that easy route to super thick eyelashes by just getting those falsies out or having a set of lash extensions, but don’t we all wish our own lashes would be just as thick?

Like your hair, your lashes go through a similar cycle of a growing stage, resting stage and shedding stage. The entire cycle usually takes around 90 days to complete.

So, if you have lashes that are often shorter, thinner and shed more than you’d like, we have put together a guide of 5 tips to thicken eyelashes.

  1. Look After Your Lashes

This should really be self-explanatory, but many women do not take proper care of their eyelashes. Two of the biggest causes of the loss of eyelashes are wearing your mascara too long and not removing it properly. You should always take your mascara off, every night. Avoid leaving it on in bed. As eyelashes are very gentle and pull out a lot easier than the hair on your head. So, keep them free from makeup when you go to bed.

  1. Look to Your Diet

You know how a poor diet can have adverse effects on different parts of your body? Well, that includes your eyelashes and how well they grow or not. As well as making sure your diet is a healthy and balanced one with lots of fruit and vegetable, there are some foods that you should consider eating more of, if you don’t already. Including:

  • Walnuts – rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Lean meats – for the iron
  • Spinach – Iron and vitamin E
  • Tuna – high in protein
  • Kale – high in vitamin C and iron
  • Salmon – high in protein, omega-3 and amino acids.
  • Eggs – has 9 of the essential amino acids that make up the protein known as keratin that we need for our hair.
  1. Use the Correct Kind of Mascara

It’s not just important to take your makeup off at night, but rather than using just any old mascara, you need to use a good quality one. Take the choice of your mascara as seriously as you do your face and skin moisturiser and look for a mascara that conditions and just don’t bother with waterproof products.

  1. Make Sure You Remove Your Make-up the Right Way

Everyone has their own technique and routine, but it could be that the way you remove your makeup could affect, either positively or negatively, how healthy and thick your eyelashes are. While many use water-based makeup removers, we would recommend you use a foam cleanser designed for lashes which has the correct PH6-7.

A foam cleanser, with correct the PH, won’t irritate your eyes and will feed lashes with vitamins. It is also incredibly effective and will help you to be sure you got rid of every bit of makeup. We already know why that’s a problem from further up the page.

  1. Use Specially Designed Products

Although it’s admirable to try and ‘go it alone’ and get thicker eyelashes naturally, there’s nothing wrong with looking for a bit of help. Especially if you choose the right kind of help. While there are a few products out there that you could try, one especially effective option is the Lash Wizard Eyelash Serum.

How does this work and help grow thicker and more impressive eyelashes? It contains ingredients that encourage the production of keratin that helps to strengthen and condition your lashes, while providing them with nourishment to improve their overall health.

It’s completely free of fragrances, also cruelty free too, so you not only know you are treating your skin and eyelashes well by using it this, but also helping reduce testing on animals. Even in a small way.

It’s simple to use and can be easily added to your normal routine, by applying it along your lash line base and leaving it to do its funky stuff while you catch up on that beauty sleep.

So, rather than dealing with the fuss and risks that come with using fake eyelashes and extensions, why not give our 5 tips for thicker eyelashes a go? What’s the worst that can happen? That you suddenly have the hottest and most alluring bushy lashes you’ve always dreamed of?

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