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Make your life better by investing in our ergonomic lash pillow, you won’t regret it. This is the best pillow on the market for both yourself and your clients.

Why to choose our ergonomic lash pillow?

Our Pillow is the only one which is long, wide and high enough to support your forearms and wrists which is essential during lash application treatment. Combined with a treatment bed at the correct height, our pillow will help your posture and prevents you from slouching. Ensuring both comfort and arm stability, it prevents shoulders pain which is the most common health issue amongst Lash Artists while increasing your productivity.

Our improved pillow now has Faux Leather Cover. Due to this upgrade it is easier to clean it and sanitise after each client. Thanks to its width and height, our pillow can hold a large lash palette at client's eye level making the transition between picking the glue from the glue palette and placing the extension on the natural lash become quick and easy.

Why this lash pillow is the best for your client?

Thanks to its innovative technology, our pillow is temperature sensitive and responds to the weight and warmth of your client’s head. Also the pillow’s shape supports their head and neck allowing shoulder muscles to relax completely. This makes our Ergonomic Foam Pillow the most comfortable pillow your client has never laid their head on.

Our ergonomic lash pillow supports 4 sleep posture types: back sleep, nap sleep, left side sleep, right side sleep. Although designed with Lash Artists in mind, our pillow can be used in other beauty treatments.

Key info
  • Temperature sensitive technology responds to the head's weight and warmth.
  • Faux Leather Removable zip cover.
  • Supports 4 sleep posture types: back sleep, nap sleep, left side sleep, right side sleep.
  • Weight: 1.75 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimension: 

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Customer Reviews

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Anastasiia Aref
Best pillow for lash tech and client

I finally have found real good pillow! Really happy with it because it’s comfortable not only for clients and for me as a lash tech because I can put my hands on it and also enough space for a lash palette

Hi Anastasia,

we happy for you, enjoy it

Flawless Team xxx


Very flimsy

Bella Welsh

I done my course with Inga at flawless lashes by Loreta back in September and I bought a few bits while on the course, unfortunately the pillow was out of stock so I had to purchase a different brand. I went with LondonLashPro pillow until this came back in stock.

And honestly, I really disliked the LondonLash one. It’s to high and bulky, so when this pillow fake back in stock I ordered it straight away.

I got my friends and family to lay down and tested it and they loved it!

I’ve just done my first set on the pillow today and WOW my comfort and my clients comfort were both amazing.

Honestly this is the holy grail of lash pillows!!!

Can not recommend this enough 😻

so happy you love it and that it suits your needs, happy lashing xxx

The best pillow

The best pillow I’ve ever used. Comfy for the client and also me. Makes my work much easier! Perfect size!

Best investment.

Not only extremely comfortable for clients but as well and OST important supporting my hands!
Thank you

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