5 Ways To Curl Eyelashes Without a Curler

Perfect lashes can be a difficult feat to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean needing to learn any complex contouring techniques or go through the laborious task of blending eyeshadows. All you need to learn is how to curl eyelashes. That may seem a little simplistic, but it’s true. To make your eyes look brighter and your eyelashes longer and more striking, without using a ton of mascara, you just need to curl them.

However, the major problem is eyelash curlers are not the friendliest looking accessories. They can also cause various issues. You can accidentally pull out eyelashes and break them. We recommend a set of lash extensions. On top of this, due to their size, they’re not the best for carrying around if you’re trying to minimise bulk. The good news is you can achieve foxy eyelashes without a metal eyelash curler.

Here’s 5 ways you can curl your eyelashes without the need for an eyelash curler.

    1. Using a Warm Spoon. It may sound ridiculous, but a tried and tested method for giving your eyelashes that much-sought-after lift and curl without using a curler involves heating a spoon in some warm water. Now, and please be careful when you do this, take the warm spoon and bring it so it’s close to your eye with its curved edge facing out from your eye. Now use your pointer finger and your thumb to press eyelash bases into the edge of the spoon. Hold it in place there for at least 10 seconds. To get the best results you need to do it section by section.
    2. Aloe Vera. Don’t like the idea of using a hot piece of metal close to your eyes? Using Aloe Vera may provide you with a suitable solution if you’re interested in finding out how to curl eyelashes naturally and safely. Just rub a small amount of Aloe Vera into your fingertips (enough so they’re a nice silky coating) and then use them to press your lashes so they are curling upwards towards and towards your eyelids. Simply repeat this easy process a few times to get those cute and curly lashes.
    3. Lash Lift. Another technique that may interest you involves the using our Lash Lift range. Our lash lift process uses a range of products designed to help an eyelash lift and curl that’s semi-permanent and completely natural. The technique involves either the application of the Lash Lift Lotion No. 1, 2 or 3 and the special Lash Lift Glue. Obviously, you need to be careful when applying anything close to your eyes, but it is a sound option for anyone looking to escape the horrors of curlers.
    4. Mascara Hold. If many of the methods we’ve featured for how to curl eyelashes naturally have seemed a bit fiddly and dangerous, you’ll probably like this one. There’s no hot metal, no special glue or anything weird involved. Just your mascara, a cotton bud (cotton swab, Q-tip) and a little patience. Apply the mascara in the normal way. Now, hold those lashes in place so that they are curled by lifting them up at the base of your eyelid using the middle section of a cotton bud and then wait. Once the mascara fully dries, the lashes will keep their shape and a curled look.

Bonus Tip: There are some people who swear by using waterproof mascara in a similar way. The reason being is waterproof mascaras are drier than standard formulas and help hold the eyelash shape better.

  1. Honourable Mentions – Fingers and Toothbrushes. The last couple of eyelashes curling methods we wanted to mention are a little hit and miss but deserve honourable mentions at least. These are especially good options if you’re interested in how to curl eyelashes without a curler and don’t have cotton buds or would prefer to not use hot metal.

First, you could try the simple, but admittedly messy technique of your finger. Wash your eyelids and then apply a fresh coat of mascara to your eyes, then take your index finger and curl those lashes upwards and hold. Repeat as necessary.

Another method involves using a hot toothbrush. Make sure the toothbrush is clean by running hot water through its bristles and then dry it gently using a clean towel. Now brush those lashes using the toothbrush, from the roots to the tips, holding them there to create that attractive curl.

Comment any eyelash curling hacks that you’ve discovered below!


  • Ann

    You are doing amazing work ❤️! I’ve got really long lashes (Careprost helps me a lot, so happy 😊 I googled ‘GETLASH24’ and got it), But here’s the kicker: they’re also incredibly straight, and I have trouble getting them to hold any type of curl. Even after using my curler and getting them to look nice, they sink after five seconds. Huge thanks for sharing this post.

  • Elizabeth Anne Smith-Dane

    The lash lift is becoming really popular in Norwich now. Great website and love your work!

    Liz | https://www.elizabethsmithbeauty.co.uk

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