Lash lift process: step-by-step guide

An expert lash artist knows that sometimes waterproof mascara alone will not give a client the desired lash effect. Although eyelash extensions are convenient, they can be pricey and require regular upkeep. That's where lash lifting comes in as a noticeably more natural option and low-maintenance alternative.

If your clients are looking for a less expensive way to improve the appearance of their lashes, you should definitely consider offering a lash lift as a service. Keep this guide handy, and you'll be well-prepared to provide this popular and in-demand service to your clients.

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What Is A Lash Lift

A lash lift is a beauty procedure that involves curling the natural lashes upward and lifting them from the root to give the appearance of longer, more defined lashes. It is a semi-permanent treatment that can last for up to two months and is a more low-maintenance alternative to using daily tools and makeup to achieve curled lashes.

Lash lift before and after

The procedure involves applying a lifting solution to the lashes, followed by a setting solution to help the lift hold its shape. The lifted lashes are then tinted to enhance their appearance. The process typically takes about an hour to complete and does not require any recovery time.

How to Do A Lash Lift

A lash lift is an excellent way to enhance the curl and definition of your client's natural lashes. If you want to be a professional lash artist, the process is relatively straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps.

1. Evaluate Client’s Lashes

It is important to evaluate your client's lashes and determine how much processing time will be required for the lifting and setting processes before beginning the lash lifting procedure. Make sure your client's lashes are free of any makeup, oils, or dirt that could impede the lifting process.

2. Place the Pads

Take a few cotton pads and gently place them over your client's lower eyelids, making sure to smooth them out so that they are evenly distributed and lying flat against the skin. Once the lower eyelids are covered, you can then move on to the upper eyelids.

For this step, you will need to use curved silicon pads, lash lift shields, and rods which are specifically designed to conform to the contours of the upper eyelid. To apply those silicone shields, gently lift up the upper eyelid and place the pad over the lid, close to the lash line. Make sure to smooth out any creases or wrinkles.

3. Apply Lash Adhesive

You will need to use a small brush or applicator to gently coat the eyelashes with the bonding solution - lash lift adhesive. Once the lashes are thoroughly coated with the bonding solution, use the brush or applicator to gently push the lashes against the silicon pads, making sure that they are lying flat against the pads and are fully adhered. They should be very well brushed to avoid crisscrossing natural lashes.

Depending on the length and thickness of the eyelashes and the size of the silicon pads, this process may need to be done again on both the upper and lower eyelids.

4. Check the Spacing

After the bonding solution has been applied and the eyelash extensions have been pressed firmly against the silicon pads, it's important to take a moment to check for any clumps or clumps of lashes that may have stuck together. If there are any areas where the lashes are sparse or uneven, you may need to go back and apply a bit more bonding solution to fill in any gaps and create a more cohesive, natural-looking set of lashes.

5. Apply Lotion 1

It is important to follow a few key steps to ensure the best results. Firstly, cover two-thirds of the length of the natural lash while avoiding the tips, depending on the natural lash condition. The lotion should be applied 1-2 mm from the roots. The processing time will vary depending on the strength and health of the lashes, with a recommended time of 9-14 minutes.

However, for very strong lashes, the maximum processing time should be 15 minutes. It is crucial to ensure that the lotion does not come into contact with the eyes as this can cause irritation or other negative reactions. Before the treatment, it is also essential to perform a patch test at least 48 hours in advance to check for any adverse reactions. 

6. Apply Lotion 2

After lotion 1 has had a chance to process for the recommended amount of time, it's time to remove it and apply the lotion 2. Like the lotion 1, the lotion 2 should be applied using a small brush or applicator, and it should be applied to the lashes in the same way that the lotion 1 was applied. Once the lotion 2 has been applied, you will need to leave it to process for a few minutes, again depending on the specific product that you are using and the desired level of curl while considering the natural lash condition.

7. Remove Silicon Pads

To do this, you will need to use a moist cotton swab or a small brush to gently lift the lashes away from the pads. You can also use our Keratin lotion 3 to help lashes unstick from the rod. Be careful not to tug or pull on the lashes, as this can cause them to break or become damaged.

Instead, use a gentle, sweeping motion to lift the lashes away from the pads, working from the base of the lashes up towards the tips. Be sure to remove all traces of the solutions, as any residue can interfere with the final result and cause irritation or other problems.

8. Apply Lash Tint 

To apply the lash tint, you will need to use a small brush or applicator to coat the lashes with the tint, making sure to get an even, consistent layer of color. Be sure to pay particular attention to the base of the lashes, as this is where the tint will be most visible. Once the tint has been applied, you will need to leave it to process for 5 minutes after lash lift or lamination procedure, depending on the specific product that you are using and the desired intensity of color.

9. Remove Tint 

After the Keratin lotion 3 cleaning, take dry cotton buds or better use our bamboo applicators. Gently sweep the cotton buds or bamboo applicators over the lashes, using a back-and-forth motion to lift the tint away from the lashes.

Be sure to get the base of the lashes as well as the tips, and be careful not to tug or pull on the lashes, as this can cause them to break or become damaged. Be sure to work carefully and patiently, as it can take a bit of time to remove all of the tint.

10. Apply Lash Plump 

This step is important because it helps to keep the lashes healthy and strong, and it can also help to extend the life of the lash lift treatment. To apply the lush plump, you can use a small brush or applicator to coat the lashes with the product, making sure to get an even, consistent layer.

It's important to allow the lush plump to fully absorb into the lashes before applying any other products or makeup. After the lash plump has been absorbed, you can finish applying makeup or go about your day as usual. Remember to remove the lash plump after 3-5 minutes using dry bamboo applicator or lip applicators.

Lash Lift Aftercare Tips

Here are some aftercare tips to help your clients maintain the results of their lash lift treatment:

  1. Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours after the treatment. This will give the hair cuticles time to set and close properly giving a natural lash growth cycle.
  2. Be gentle when cleaning the lashes. Avoid using harsh rubbing or scrubbing motions, and use a mild, oil-free cleanser.
  3. Avoid using oil-based products for 48 hours near the lashes. Oil-based products can dissolve the bonding solution and cause the lift to become less effective.
  4. Use a nourishing agent to keep the lashes hydrated and healthy. Look for a product that is specifically designed for use on lash perming, and apply it regularly to help keep the lashes strong and supple.
  5. Don’t do anything to your lashes. Give the lashes time to recover for a few days to ensure that the lift lasts as long as possible.

By following these aftercare tips, your clients can help maintain the results of their lash lift treatment and keep their lashes looking beautiful and lifted without sacrificing the lash growth cycle in the future.

Why should you get a lash lift?

Lash lifting is a popular beauty treatment that can give clients longer-looking, more defined eyelashes. Here are some benefits of lash lifting:

Natural-looking results: Lash lifting uses the client's own natural lashes, so the results look natural and are less noticeable than extensions or false lashes.

Long-lasting results: Lash lifting can last for several weeks, so clients can enjoy longer-looking lashes without the need for daily maintenance.

Convenience: Lash lifting is a quick and easy treatment that can be done in a salon or spa. It's a great option for clients who want longer-looking lashes but don't want to deal with the upkeep of extensions or falsies.

Low maintenance: After the initial treatment, lash lifting requires minimal maintenance. Clients can simply clean their lashes and apply a nourishing agent to keep them healthy and strong.

Customizable: Lash lifting can be customized to suit the client's desired look. The lift can be adjusted to create a more dramatic or subtle curl, depending on the client's preferences.

What lash lift kit can you find at Flawless Lashes?

Our lash lift kits have everything you need to give your clients beautiful, lifted lashes. Here are some lash lift kits you can find at Flawless Lashes:

Lift Rods – These silicone rods are made to rest gently on the eyelids of your clients. Lift rods and lash lift glue can help you comb lashes into the desired shape.

Lash Lift Glue – Our water-soluble adhesive is used to secure your lashes to the silicone rod that lifts them.

Lift Tool – This is ideal for separating the lashes and styling.

Lotion No. 1 – Apply a 1 to 2 millimeter layer of the lashes, starting at the roots and moving upwards, to open the hair cuticles in preparation for applying Lotion Two.

Lotion No. 2 – Makes eyelashes more pliable, allowing them to be shaped into the desired position.

Lotion No. 3 – Eliminates any remaining residue of glue and lotion.

Lash Plump – Flawless Lash Plump, also referred to as lash botox or lash filler, nourishes natural lashes with a blend of keratin, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and nourishing oils to improve their health, strength, and thickness.

Keratin Tint - Our innovative bottle allows for the simultaneous dispensing of both the tint, cream developer, and nourishing keratin treatment, with just one pump.


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