Classic vs. Flat Lashes

With so many types of eyelash extensions available, it can be quite the challenge to figure out the best option for your client. In this blog post we make it all easy to understand, discussing the difference between flat and traditional classic individual eyelash extensions, with a straightforward comparison between each of their benefits.

The lash industry is constantly evolving and flat lashes are now an essential part of a lash artist’s repertoire. If you haven’t already, it’s time to add flat lashes to your portfolio. So, let’s get down to basics: what are the benefits of using flat lash extensions and classic lashes?

The difference between classic and flat lashes

Flat lashes are lighter and tend to be softer, whereas classic lashes are heavier and can sometimes look and feel more obviously false. Classic lashes have a round, circular base, whereas flat lashes have a flatter shaped base.

Both extension types are technically classic lashes, as they are both applied one extension on one natural lash, and can be used to create beautiful natural looks. However, modern flat lashes weigh less, making them gentler on the natural lash and they’re also more pleasant to touch and wear.

Traditional classic lashes can appear more noticeably ‘false’. This is particularly the case with heavier classic lash thicknesses - 0.2 and above are absolutely not recommended due to them being unhealthy weights for the natural lash.

We’ve broken down the main differences into this handy table:

Feature Regular classic lashes Flat lashes
Dificulty Moderate - harder to attach an extension with a round base Easier to achieve better attachment thanks to flatter base
Style Added length and curl - can look artificial Added length and curl but more natural looking and with added eyeliner effect
Base shape Round Concave rectangle
Application time 1.5-2 hours Longer for beginners but faster for experienced lash artists

What are flat lashes?

Flat lashes are eyelash extensions with a flatter base - it’s shaped like a rectangle where the sides are concave i.e. the sides curve inwards. To create this flatter shape, the ends are compressed during the manufacturing process and it’s the width at the base that determines the given thickness.

Flat lashing treatment

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For example, at Flawless Lashes at Loreta, our 0.15 flat lashes are a 0.10 thickness that has been compressed at the base to create additional width - so you can see why they weigh so much less than a traditional classic 0.15 thickness extension.

This lightness makes flat lashes perfect for clients with short, fine or weak lashes, those who have never tried lash extensions before and those who prefer a very natural lash look. (Those blessed with strong natural lashes can wear volume or mega volume extensions.) The inward-curving bonding area of a flat extension fits snugly against the round natural lash. With a greater surface area in contact with the natural lash, flat lashes result in better retention - and without needing any extra adhesive.

Also known as ‘cashmere’ or ‘ellipse’ lashes, flat lashes result in a beautifully soft natural look. The flatter base-shape outlines the eyes more, creating the illusion of fine eyeliner and adding more drama to the look.

Benefits of flat lashes

  • Better retention - due to the flat/ concave bonding surface, the extension hugs the natural lash 
  • Less adhesive required - the adhesive spreads evenly across the broader base of the extension
  • Lightweight - ideal for weak or fine lashes
  • Dramatic look - flat lashes create a unique eyeliner effect and look darker and fuller than regular classic lashes. 
  • Soft - Flawless flat lashes feel as soft as volume lashes
  • Texture - mix shorter and longer lengths to achieve a gorgeous density or add some 3D or 4D premade lash fans in a textured hybrid look. Flat lashes are also perfect for the ‘wisps’ or ‘spikes’ when creating a glamorous Kim K style 

What are classic lashes?

Classic lashes have a round base and are usually the type of lash extensions an artist is trained with first. Also known as ‘mink’ or ‘silk’ lashes, they’re applied using the one extension to one natural lash (1:1) technique, and predominantly add length and curl rather than volume. Real mink lashes are also available from some suppliers - made from real mink fur (!). At Flawless we prefer our lash extensions without the animal cruelty - and we hope you do too.

Benefits of classic lashes

  • Cheaper - these are the most affordable type of lash extension
  • Increased length - classic lashes are perfect for clients who already have lots of lashes and primarily seek added length and curl
  • Quicker - classic lashes have a shorter application time (for beginners)

Are flat or classic lashes better?

Flat lash extensions are better than classic lash extensions because they are safer, healthier, lighter, softer, and have better retention. And longer-lasting looks means happy customers. Flat lashes are easy to apply and create a beautiful eyeliner effect. Because they’re so lightweight, they’re the ideal choice for clients with short or very fine lashes. However, there are some drawbacks traditionally associated with flat lashes compared to classic lashes.

The first quibble people often have with flat lashes is that they can be too plasticky, shiny, and artificial-looking - particularly in a full set, hence they are usually mixed in a set with regular classic extensions. Thankfully, at Flawless Lashes by Loreta, our flat lashes do not have this kind of false look. They’re beautifully soft and matte, meaning you can use them for a full set of lashes if you like, or mix them with premade fans to create a fuller texture.

The second is that, with some brands of flat lash, they can only be placed onto the top or bottom of the natural lash, making them a bit less versatile in terms of application. Not so with Flawless flat lashes! Our flat eyelash extensions are uniquely shaped so they can be applied on the top, bottom and side of your client’s lash.

So if you want lightweight lashes that require little adhesive, are great for clients who have weaker and shorter natural lashes, yet still achieve a beautiful natural look - flat lashes are absolutely for you!

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