Flawless Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas round the corner & we know buying presents this time of year can be stressful. You want to get the perfect gift but you just don’t know what that is, especially when it comes to lash artists!

Their favourite hobby is also their job, so finding a present that caters to their lash obsession can be tough. Do you get something for them or do you get something for their beauty salon? 

So we’ve put together a list to make things a little easier for you & help brighten a lash artist’s Christmas this year

1. Boutique Candles

boutique candle

Boutique candles have emerged as one of the top trends for both salons and homes in recent years. Not only do they fill your space with an incredible scent, they look beautiful too, subtly complementing your décor or making a big impact with a statement look. It’s perfect for gift idea.

2. Reuseable Bamboo Claensing Pads


At Flawless Lashes we’re strong advocates of washing your lash extensions twice a day for optimal retention.

These 100% natural, eco-friendly bamboo and cotton blend pads are lash safe and perfect for cleansing lashes to keep them in tip-top condition. Offer them to your clients for their lash aftercare routine, as well as for make-up removal and more.

3. Cosmetics Bag


If you’re friends with any lash artist, you’ll know we’re always running around, carrying a million things at once! Whether it’s for eyelash extension tools or our own personal belongings, a new bag is always a good idea for the lash technician you’re buying for

4. Intensive Eye Mascara

Flawless mascara

As lash artists, we’re very protective over who does our own lashes and sometimes we can’t even manage to fit in an appointment to get them done ourselves, so what’s the next best thing after eyelash extensions? A GOOD mascara and did you know our mascara was shortlisted for Pure Beauty’s Best New Eye Product award?

Flawless Intensive Eye Mascara is your lashes new best buddy, nourishing lashes with castor seed & coconut oil while still keeping your eye look as dramatic as ever. Any lash artist would be overjoyed to receive a new mascara.

5. Beanie with lashes

Beanie hat with lashes

It’s cold out there this time of year and what lash artist wouldn’t want to wear their favourite thing proudly on a cosy beanie? It’s perfect accessory for those chilly days when going back and forth from the lash salon or in your free time. Available in both black & grey to ensure it’ll go with in monochromatic ensemble.

6.Lash Wizard Serum

Lash wizard eyelash serum

Nourishing our lashes to grow longer, stronger and healthier is a top priority, so a lash serum can be an amazing present to help any lash artist achieve that. Our Lash Wizard Serum promotes the formation of keratin to condition and strength hairs, it can be used is for both eyelashes & eyebrows.

7. Phone Case

Flawless phone case

Our phones are no longer just for calls, they’re vital for recording and marketing our lash work. So to ensure the lash artist in your life makes a good impression with one of our new Flawless Lashes phone cases.The durable, silicone cases will provide better grip for close up shots of their work, and provide vital protection for their phone. It comes in 3 stylish designs and is available for iPhone 6/6s/7/8/X/11/11 Pro.

8. Duo Brow

Duo brow pen

If your lash technician is like most of us, they’ll be addicted to the full brow look that accompanies any beautiful lashes. With Flawless Duo Brow, this look has never been so easy! With two shades to fill in brows, you can create a soft ombré look with the perfect matte finish. The soft sponges at either end are specially designed to be used on any eyebrow shape with ease. 

9. Clip On 0.45X Phone Lens

Clip on phone lens

Who doesn’t want the perfect lashing Instagram pics? You can give the gift of flawless photos this Christmas with our clip on lens that will expand the shooting of their mobile phone by 60% as well as improving shooting quality of the mobile phone. It can easily be applied in 1 second, instantly turning any mobile phone into an SLR. No need to a hire a photographer!


10. Brow Sculpt

Flawless brow sculpt

Fluffy, just-brushed brows have been one of the biggest beauty trends this year, so give the gift of perfect eyebrows! Quick to apply and easy to remove, create the appearance of naturally fuller brows with no crispy hairs in sight. Flawless Brow Sculpt contains aloe vera and castor oil, our formula isn’t harsh on brows like other brow soaps, allowing you to achieve superior hold, while maintaining supremely soft eyebrow hairs.

We know 2020 hasn’t been the best year for everyone, especially lash technicians who have been stuck inside for most of it, but why not end it on a good note? We promise any of these gifts will brighten a lash addict’s Christmas. 

11.Flawless Treasure Jewellery

Flawless Lash jewellery

Newly released just in time for Christmas! Our latest jewellery collection features earrings and a bracelet, with the Flawless Lashes monogram in a classy crystal design. The perfect gift for the devoted fan or lash addict in your life, they will be proud to flaunt is around the lash salon.

Available as individual pieces, or together as a beautiful set, this 925 sterling silver collection is fashion-forward and flawless as ever. 

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