How To Choose The Right Lash Curls

Lash Extension Curl Types: Which One to Choose?

It is very important for lash artists to help their clients make smart decisions, taking into account not only their preferences but also things like facial structure, personal style, and product quality.

This article goes into detail about the complicated world of lash curls and shows you how to make the right choice. Let's talk about the different types of lash extension curls and give you the information you need to make the best choice for your own beauty journey.

Types of Eyelash Extension Curl

There are ten main types (B, C, CC, D, D+, J, L, L+. LC and M Curl) of curls for eyelash extensions. Each curl has its own look and can be changed to fit different eye shapes and personal tastes.

Let's look at each type of curl in more depth to help you decide which one might work best for you.

1. B Curl

The B curl provides a gentle lift with a slightly more noticeable curve than the J curl, offering a subtle yet enhanced look. It's mainly used by lash beginners or advanced lash artists to create an eyeliner look.

This curl is best for clients desiring a natural-looking curl with a touch of glamour, or those with naturally curly lashes seeking a more defined shape. It's suitable for clients with round or almond-shaped eyes, as it adds dimension and definition while maintaining a soft, feminine appearance.

2. C Curl

The C curl is one of the most popular choices, offering a noticeable lift and curvature that opens up the eyes and adds a glamorous touch.

This curl is best for clients wanting a classic, universally flattering curl that enhances their natural lashes' length and volume. It's great for naturally curly or straight lashes to give a natural appearance.

3. CC Curl

The C curl is like the C-curl, but the curve is a little more noticeable.

This curl is a great choice if you have natural lashes that are straight or slightly curved and want a bigger lift.

4. D Curl

The D curl is known for its dramatic lift and intense curvature, creating a bold, eye-catching look with maximum volume.

This curl is best for clients seeking a high-impact, glamorous effect, or those with sparse or short natural lashes in need of added drama. It's perfect for special occasions or clients with deep-set eyes, as it delivers a striking, wide-eyed appearance that demands attention.

5. D+ Curl

The D+ Curl is a dramatic curl that looks like a half-circle or semi-circular shape.

This curl gives the lash line a strong outline, allowing the best curled and open-eye look. It is suggested for people with downward-angled lashes.

6. J Curl

The J curl is the subtlest curl, offering a natural-looking lift to the lashes. It's for beginner lash artists and for man-made lashes known as Nude lashes to create an eyeliner look.

This curl is best for clients seeking a soft, natural enhancement or those with very straight natural lashes. Ideal for hooded or deep-set eyes, as it creates a delicate, open-eyed effect without appearing overly dramatic.

7. L Curl

The L curl is unique in its design, featuring a straight base that gradually curves upward, resembling the shape of an 'L.' It is also very popular for wet lash styling.

This curl is best for clients with straight or downward-pointing natural lashes who desire a lifted, fanned-out effect without the need for lash curlers. It's ideal for clients with hooded or mature eyes, as it lifts and elongates the lashes, creating a youthful, doe-eyed look. It’s also best for monolid eyes.

8. L+ Curl

The L+ curl lashes have a similar appearance to the "L" curl, but with an extra angled bend.

This curl also imparts elevation to lash lines. It is an alternative choice available for clients with naturally straight lashes.

9. LC Curl

The LC Lash Curl is a combination of the L and C-Curls. The base has a linear elevation that seems to transform into a curved shape resembling the letter C.

This curl results in a distinct and exceptional appearance. The vertical elevation at the beginning of a L Curl creates a desirable effect that is both prominent and authentically natural.

10. M Curl

The M Curl is good for hooded eyelids, which can be hidden, and even droopy eyes, which are easy to lift.

This can also make eyes look bigger if they are set far back, small, or Asian. Eyes that are close together can even make eyes that are far apart look wider. The good news is that you can use this particular curl to hide flaws or make your eyes look more open.

Remember that selecting the right lash curl means taking into account things like the client's eye shape, natural lash type, desired look, and personal style tastes. Consulting to a professional lash artist can help you figure out the best curl to wear to achieve your lash goals and make sure the product lasts.

Choosing the Right Lash Curl

Choosing the right lash curl is important for getting the look you want and bringing out your natural beauty. To make the right choice, you need to think about a number of things, such as your eye shape, natural lash curl, and the look you want.

  • Eye Shape: The shape of your eyes is a big part of choosing the best lash curl for you. For instance, people whose eyes are turned down might look better with a dramatic curl like the C or D curl, which makes the eyes look bigger and more open. On the other hand, people with hooded eyes might like a more natural curl, like the J or B curl, so the eyelid doesn't get too big.
  • Natural Lash Curl: If your eyelashes are naturally straight, a more dramatic curl like the C or D curl can make them look longer and lifted. If your eyelashes are already curly, though, a softer curl like the J or B curl might be all you need to make them look better without making them look too dramatic.
  • Desired Look: If you just want a small boost every day, choose a natural curl like the J or B curl. Try a more dramatic curl like the C, D, or even the unique L curl for important events or to make a strong statement.


Which lash is curlier C or D?

D curl is curlier compared to C curl.

What is the most popular lash curl?

The most popular lash curl is subjective and can vary based on trends and individual preferences. However, currently, both C and D curls are commonly used, with lash artists often mixing them for versatility.

What lash curl is best for hooded eyes?

D and M, L curls are often considered best for hooded eyes as its significant curl can lift and open the eyes, creating a more prominent look.

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