How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

No matter how much you love your eyelash extensions there will come a time when you want to take a break from them. At this point, you'll  want to know how to remove eyelash extensions and may even be tempted to try and do it yourself at home. However, we strongly advise against this.

Removing eyelash extensions is a precise and careful process involving potentially dangerous chemicals so the safest, most efficient way is always to have them removed by a trained lash professional. The Flawless team are experts in the procedure and are here to help beauty professionals remove eyelash extensions safely with our step by step guide.

How to safely remove eyelash extensions

We strongly recommend that you do not use lash extension remover on yourself. It’s made up from very strong glue-dissolving materials and can be extremely dangerous if it gets into your eyes or skin. It simply isn’t worth the risk. It should only be used by professionals with experience and expertise. Here is how to safely remove eyelash extensions on your clients.

Step 1 - Protect the eye area

First, you must place protective eye gear (or under-eye lint-free / hydrogel pads) underneath your client’s eyes. This step is extremely important; it’s all about protecting the client’s skin, as the under-eye area is super sensitive and thin. Never use cotton wool as the fibers in it can react with either dissolved adhesive or remover.

The remover is safe when used properly, but you don’t want to cause any unnecessary discomfort for your client. In addition to this, the protective pad against the lashes makes it so much easier to see what you’re doing.

Step 2 - Apply eyelash adhesive remover

Apply Cream Glue Remover using a sponge applicator directly onto the lash extensions, solely in the area where the glue bond is. As a cream, this remover is much safer to use, as liquids are much more likely to potentially run into the client's eye causing unwanted complications (like infections - yikes!). So using a cream is much safer.

Cream remover

This remover works from 5-10 minutes, which gives you time to fit more clients into your schedule and - you guessed it - make more money, too! However, the more glue used in the lash application, the longer you will need to leave it on. Badly applied lashes with excess adhesive may take up to 20 minutes.

The extensions will release and lift from the natural lash, but if this doesn’t happen so easily, leave the product on a little longer, and gently use some tweezers or two micro brushes to remove any stubborn extensions. Never pull or apply force.

Step 3 - Cleanse the area

Once the extensions are all removed, remove the residue of the Cream Glue Remover by using a dry sponge applicator or micro brush. Next, we want to cleanse the eye area. Clean the eyelid and natural lashes with our refreshing Foam Cleanser and rinse thoroughly.

Our Foam Cleanser has an improved and balanced PH formula to specifically suit eyelash extensions. It is a natural and gentle formulation, vegan-friendly and diminishes the risk of eye irritation, making it the perfect product to use on your client’s lashes.

Foam cleanser

Is it safe to remove eyelash extensions at home?

No - it is not safe to remove eyelash extensions at home. It is better to have your lashes removed by a professional to avoid any damage to your natural lashes. This is because professionally trained lash artists not only have the correct tools but the right skillset too, ensuring that the procedure is done properly and safely.

We have the knowledge of which remover to use, how long to leave the product on for and we make sure to use only the best products for ultimate care for the client’s lashes. To enhance your understanding and knowledge as a lash artist, take a look at the professional courses we have to offer.

In summary…

Do not attempt eyelash extension removal at home by yourself if you have no previous professional experience in doing so. We don’t want clients to end up damaging their beautiful natural lashes, do we?

Always recommend to your client that they get lash extensions removed professionally as it is the safest and most efficient option. As a lash artist, you have the correct tools, experience and knowledge in order to perform this procedure as safely as possible without damage to the natural lashes.

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