How to prepare for your lash appointment

We all know that once you’ve had your lashes done, you’re hooked for life and will keep coming back! Clients soon get clued up on what they need to do to prepare for a lash appointment, but when you see a client for their first full set of extensions, they won’t know all the do’s and don’ts like your regular customers. They may also have a few questions or uncertainties that you need to help them out with.

So, there’s lots you need to tell them to make sure that they get the most out of their first full set. Not only will this information make sure your clients have the best possible experience when having their lashes done, but it will also mean you will have more time to get on with applying the extensions. To make it easy for both you and them, we’ve put together the golden rules for a client’s first lash extensions appointment.

What to expect before a lash appointment

You can’t just rock up to a lash appointment any old how. Follow these tips to arrive at the beauty salon perfectly prepped – then your lash tech can get straight down to business.

In advance

  • Research lash artists. Before booking to have your lashes done for the first time, do your research and choose the most reputable artist in your area. Read online reviews and if possible get a recommendation from someone you know and trust.
  • Patch test. Keep in mind that in the UK, most lash artists require a, so you will need to come in for this a minimum of 48 hours before your actual lash appointment. Each country has its own regulations so check the process where you are.
  • Research the lash looks you love. No doubt you’ve seen some gorgeous lashes that have inspired you to take the plunge and book a lash appointment, whether it’s on a celeb, a mate or the Instagram feed of a beauty salon. Save out your favourites ready to chat through with your lash artist. (Please note they will not be able to exactly replicate another person’s lashes because your eye shape, face shape or natural lash health may not be suited to it. However, they get as close to it as they can whilst creating the style that will look the best on you.)

Prep your face

The first of these steps is probably the most important of all our tips – so listen up!

  • Turn up to your session with a bare face – no makeup on your skin or eyes, and don’t curl your lashes either. Your lash tech will need to work with your lashes in their completely natural state. Please note that if you do come in wearing make-up, your lash artist will remove it for you from the lashes and around the eyes only. This can leave you looking a bit odd so you might want to bring your make-up to touch up the eye area after the treatment.
  • Avoid heavy face creams and sun creams - the oils from these can interfere with the effectiveness of the lash glue.
  • Wash your lashes too if you have the right brush and cleanser – find out how to clean your lashes. If not, don’t panic, your lash artist will do this for you. We recommend taking contact lenses out too.

Prep your body

Yes, you read that right… there are a few things you can do here that will help your lash appointment go smoothly both during and after.

  • Dress in comfy and cosy clothing – you’re going to be lying still for a long time so you’ll want to feel as relaxed as possible and not get chilly. Also avoid wearing anything clunky that might get in the way of your lash artist, like big dangly earrings for example.
  • Skip the coffee and other caffeinated drinks such as tea, cola and energy drinks. The caffeine can make you need the loo during your appointment and even make your eyelids twitch.

Get organised

  • Pack your headphones – the lash chair is a perfect place to relax with your favourite tunes, catch up on some podcasts or listen to an audiobook.
  • Set off in plenty of time – you want to arrive about ten minutes before your booking time. This makes sure you’re not arriving flustered, and don’t keep your lash tech waiting. If you arrive late you’re only giving them less time and compromising their ability to do the best job for you. Worst case scenario, you won’t get the full treatment you’re paying for.
  • Inform your artist in advance if you have any symptoms of hayfever or flu.
  • Know your medical history as artists won’t be able to proceed with the treatment if you have particular allergies.
  • Use the restroom before the treatment.
  • Don’t bring your children - it’s a long time for them to be waiting around and they will only distract the lash artist, affecting the quality of the treatment.

What to expect during a lash appointment

If you’ve followed all the prep steps properly then there’s very little you need to do during the actual appointment. You’ll be lying back with your eyes closed for the duration – it’s all over to your lash technician!

What your lash technician will do

They’ll begin with a lash consultation, analysing your face and eyes to identify the lash style that will suit you best. After your lashes have been cleaned, dried and brushed, your lower lashes will be taped down to keep them out of the way, and your upper eyelid will be taped in place too. Your lash artist will map out the design of the eyelashes and then work through applying the extensions, using one pair of tweezers to part your natural lashes, and another pair to pick up and affix the extensions. One full eye will be completed before moving on to the next.

While all this may feel a little strange the first time, none of it is painful and you’ll soon get used to it!

Here’s all you need to do while in the lash chair:

  • Keep distractions to a minimum - your lash tech might like a little bit of a chat, but often they’ll prefer to have peace and quiet so that can concentrate on the very precise work they are undertaking. Keep your phone volume off so nothing will disturb you – or your lash tech. They are working with tweezers near your eyes, after all!
  • Relax! Just enjoy a bit of ‘you time’! Many beauticians will light candles or play soothing music to enhance the experience. Pop your headphones in if you like, or just doze! It’s perfectly fine to have a little nap – then you’ll wake up not only feeling refreshed, but also with gorgeous new lashes!

Aftercare instructions for clients

After your full set of extensions has been completed, your lash artist will brief you on how to look after those fabulous lashes to keep them in tip-top condition. Here are the key takeaways:

  • In the first 48 hours, avoid saunas, steam rooms, sunbeds, pools - and tears!
  • If your lash artist has used Instant Cure then you’re fine to shower, but they haven’t used it then you’ll need to avoid water in this time period too.
  • Avoid oil-based makeup and cleansing products near your eyes
  • Avoid liquid eyeliner, unless you use an eyeliner suitable for lash extensions
  • Don’t curl or tint your lashes, or apply mascara. You won’t need to anyway!
  • Wash lash extensions twice a day
  • Try and sleep on your back if you can
  • Don’t pick at your lashes
  • Book in for infills in 2-3 weeks

For further information, read our more detailed post on how to take care of eyelash extensions.

We hope you found our guide useful - feel free to share it with your clients!

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